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Yo! How is our Sunday far?

For my friends in the other continent (America), a continent which I have never treaded foot on… you must still be in bed. Whereby here in Kuala Lumpur, it’s 2pm 4th March 2012, at it’s almost the end of my afternoon.

Today, I made some changes to Whimsy Loft’s facebook page. Well, I created a new one, and thank you to those who have “Liked” the old page, can you please go and “like” the new page ? It’s at the right hand top of your screen. Thank you very much <3 <3 *BIG hugsssss*****


My sister is busy spring cleaning her room, it’s the 3rd day she is at it now, so you can only imagine how much “rubbish” she has… or perhaps how slow a worker she is .. hehe.. So I was influenced by her to do some DIY change at my home.

I targetted our Ikea Billy book shelves in the dining room.

Many years ago, I bought this shelves with the idea to put family photos on the doors. However, I never got to it, and it has remained white and dull… so to spark our dining area, I decided to cut up some of my very precious fabric and use it to decorate the doors.

Here’s how I did it… step by step (well, almost!):

Remove the laminated board that was behind the glass door. See, you can see the mess in the cupboard after I remove the laminated board for one door.
billy door revamp1

Measure and cut the size of the cloth, leave just enough at the sides (about 1.5 inch) to fold in.
billy door revamp2

I choosed my nice nesting doll fabric. Unfortunately, only had 1 metre of this fabric, so I use 2 different pattern fabric. You will see later.
billy door revamp3

I use double sided tape to hold the cloth.
billy door revamp4

In order to ensure the folded part of the fabric don’t fray (and that I don’t have to fold twice or sew the seams), I use my fabric mod podge to “kill” the frays. I like it, because it’s not visible, nor is it a permanent glue, but it holds well.
billy door revamp5

So, after all complete, assemble the now very cute fabric covered laminated board back onto the glass doors…

and ta da!!!

billy door revamp6

p/s: same steps for the green apple tree fabric, no need to sew them to the nesting doll fabric, just paste with double sided tape. Also make sure you iron the fabric so that the creases are not visible.

Can you spot the cream coloured dog sleeping beside the cute billy?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Polina | | Reply

    Nice idea. I immediately thought about refrigerator
    I have linked your post on to Russian site about customizing Second street

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