Seafood, I cannot resist

I’m a sucker for seafood, especially crabs (and prawns, and oysters, and clams, and squids… )… you get my point, I LOVE SEAFOOD. The end.


No end until I show you these beautiful dishes I had 2 weekends ago.

We went to Pantai Seafood.
Pantai Seafood

Believe it or not it was the first time I went to this restaurant. And it is so bloody near my home, and I don’t even know about it!

Squid!!!!! Cooked with oatmeal.
Pantai Seafood - squid

Yes, I know it was Lent, still is… but since my cousin is here, he who purposely made a detour back to Malaysia during his business trip, just to satisfy his gastronomy cravings for seafood {Chinese Malaysian style of course}… how can I say NO right?

Salted Eggs Crabs:
Pantai Seafood -salted egg crabs

Chilli Crabs:
Pantai Seafood - chilli crabs

Not too bad, the crabs was $48/kg. Price is average I would say.

Say “Hello” to Mrs Crabby’s innards đŸ˜› hehehe…
Pantai Seafood - crab

Prawns!!!! In butter sauce… my most favourite dish!
Pantai Seafood - butter prawns

Only $24 for 9 huge prawns. When I say huge, I meant my palm size (and I have huge palms!)… succulent! Juicy! Fresh! I WANT MORE !!!!

So, anyone interested to go makan (eat) with me? Let’s make a date.

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