Satay satay Kajang

I went to Kajang twice this month. Haven’t been there for so long, and yes it is an area not familiar to me. It takes 45 minutes drive (I consider that far from where I live) without traffic jam.

Kajang is a small town famous for it’s Satay. It is said that there are 2 original satay shop there, one by the Malays, the other Chinese. The Malay satay is something I am very familiar with because they have many branches; one of them happen to be very near my home – It’s called Sate Haji Samuri. As for the Chinese one, they only have one shop and that is this one located in Kajang. I remember as a kid, my parents brought me there ones… and that was it.

So naturally, when I was in Kajang, I just had to go makan (eat) in this shop.

It’s called Restoran Malaysia / Nyok Lan Kajang Satay.
Satay Kajang

They have quite a bit of choices of meat.Satay Kajang

Usually the most satay stalls have only chicken and beef. Only one stall I came accross in SS2 hawker area, that has pork. This one don’t serve pork, but they have other meat like fish and duck, which to me is not common at all for satays. Anyway, we did not order the “uncommon” meat, because frankly I don’t think fish will taste good as a satay, and my family members don’t take duck (except me).

So, we ordered mutton.
Satay Kajang

And chicken.

And beef.
Satay Kajang

The meats are succulent and tender, especially the beef.

Ketupat (rice cake).
Side dishes onions and cucumber.
Satay Kajang

Overall, the peanut sauce is nice, but slightly diluted for my taste. I prefer it thicker. The sambal (chilli) is very very spicy; I had to ask for more peanut sauce!

I enjoyed the meal.

I googled, and got their address:
No 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone # : 603-8733 1160
Opens from 11am until midnight.

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