7 sorrows rosary

Many many weeks back, one of my church friend introduced me to Aunty Mary.

Aunty Mary was looking for someone to make her Rosaries.

So I thought, yes! good, I can help.

I met up with Aunty Mary. She is such a nice lady.

She told me she wanted the 7 Sorrows Rosary. In my heart I said “what?? I don’t know what is 7 Sorrow Rosary”.
7 Sorrows Rosary (#1)
She expected that reaction ^^, so she showed me a sample, and even shared the prayer with me.

I learned something new that day.

I took up the challenge, and made 10 pieces of the 7 Sorrow Rosaries for her.

This is just 1 example. The colour Amethyst was her choice. Nice colour too.

7 Sorrows Rosary (#1)

Have a merry week ahead. My next post will be about my Pandan Layered Cake.

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