Scones scones scones…

The name itself makes me think “english”, England, tea parties, cups and saucers… Well, we have it for breakfast here, not tea (we hardly have tea), and this is one of my favourite breakfast dish!

I so love scones, especially the buttery soft texture. I eat it plain without jam. On occasion, I eat with cheese or even with curry. A very Malaysian way of eating … just like we eat bread dipped in curry.

I’ve been making these scones so many many times in the past months. My Mom loves it, my neighbour’s son loves it.

With choco chips:
Scones - choco chips

With raisins:
Scones - raisins

With raisins and almonds, forgot to egg wash it before putting in the over ^^ :
Scones - raisins & almonds

Simply delicious!

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