Roti Jala and Curry Chicken

The focus here is the Roti Jala (Netted Crepe).
Roti Jala (Netted Crepe)
It’s my first time making this.

Here’s the recipe:

Flour, about 3-4 cups
3 Eggs
Milk about 3 cups
Pinch of salt
Pinch of tumeric powder for colour
Water about 2 cups

There’s really no measurement, I just mix everything and added flour till I get the consistency that I want. It should be slightly watery but not too watery, so that the batter will flow nicely from the mould to the pan.
If you want to know how a Roti Jala Mould looks like, just google it. It’s a yellow cup-like thing with 5 nozzles. Hehe…

I made my curry chicken really light and watery. The reason is to have lots and lots of curry sauce, which we can drink like soup. That’s how my family like to have their meal.
Curry Chicken

Everything is “banjir”. Banjir means flood in Malaysian language. We Nyonyas use this word to describe an eating habit that we like to pour lots and lots of sauce on our rice, to make it look like it is flooded.

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