Seafood again…

Last Sunday, we went to Pantai Seafood again.

This time, it was for my Sister’s birthday dinner. She’s been dying to go there, and we have postponed this dinner for as long as it took for us to get over our fever in the previous week. It’s always the case, we like to go to the same restaurant when we know the food is good.

Something silly happened during this dinner. We ordered roast pork leg. It was huge! And with the amount of dishes we ordered (just for 4 persons) we obviously cannot finish the pork leg. Planned to tapau (pack) home half of the pork leg… so we nicely rationed it and put aside. Then we ask the waiter (who is a foreigner from Myanmar) to pack it up for us to takeaway. Sis spoke to him in English. He nodded. Mom repeated in Malay. He nodded. I repeated in Cantonese. He nodded. Then he brought the plate to his colleugue and they spoke. We couldn’t hear what they were speaking. Naturally, we assume some discussion between them, perhaps how to pack the meat up? :P… Then he brought the plate to the kitchen. After 5 minutes… 10 minutes… 15 minutes… our pork leg is not back! So Sis enquired. He gave us an apologetic face and looks slightly shocked. That was when we found out, he threw the pork away!!!!! He actually thought we ask him to throw the pork instead of asking him to pack it up! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!

I was completely speechless. Obviously there was a slight commotion at our table then. His colleugue came and explained to us that he didn’t understand what we requested, and was slightly shocked when he was asked to “throw the pork away”. Can you imagine that? The colleugue also stupid isn’t it? And is was a local Chinese lady who obviously did not have language issues. Dad was quite forgiving, because he did not want the restaurant to penalise the waiter and ask the waiter to compensate back (they do earn very little)… but I wasn’t that forgiving. I didn’t want to or expect the waiter to be penalised, but I just cannot comprehend the stupidity of a person. Mistakes yes, can be forgiven. But stupidity???!!!! Arrrggggggggg!!!!!

I mean, I understand that he is a foreign worker. I understand his command of our local language (Malay, or even Cantonese or English) is poor. Fyi, all foreign workers in restaurants and coffee shops in Malaysia learn and are very fluent in Malay or Cantonese. And as customers we are not obligated to speak to them in their local language Myanmar which is very foreign to us.

So anyway, what I cannot comprehend was that if he did not understand us, he should ask again and again until he is sure he knows what we want. He should ask his colleugue to help ask us. His colleugue (that Chinese lady) should have reconfirm with us. I mean why would anyone ask to throw good food away?! Wouldn’t that have sparked curiousity to enquire again? Pure stupidity!

So yada yada… his supervisor came and apologised, and they deducted RM15 from our bill (which was for the vegetables), and gave us a voucher for free Tilapia fish on our next visit. All those did not even equal to the cost of the pork which was thrown away. The pork leg cost RM48, of which we only ate 1/3 of.

OK. So now that I have vented… here’s some photos of the food we ordered. And NO, I did not have a photo of the pork leg. It was the only dish I did not take a photo of.

Shrimp in Chinese wine soup:
Shrimps in wine soup
A very nice dish. By the way the shrimps in this restaurant is very very fresh!

One side braised, one side friend Kai Lan vegetable:
Deep fried + braised kailan
This was the dish they gave us for “free” to compensate the pork leg.

Fried taufu with otak-otak:
Otak-otak taufu
This is their signature taufu dish. Very nice.

Besides these dishes, we also had our favourite Salted Egg Crabs and Nestum Squid.

To be honest, all the dishes we ordered from this restaurant is delicious. Price wise, reasonable. I would go back there again, despite the silly encounter. Just be careful the next time you ask to takeaway leftovers!

Here is the link to the restaurant site.

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