Seder Meal – Charoset making

Mom is preparing a Seder Meal for our church RCIA group. Easter is coming ! We’re almost ready to get a whole bunch of people Baptised!

The kitchen is in a mess… hehe… because Mom is making Charoset, also known as Haroset.

I love LOVE LOVE this Haroset.
I eat it like jam on bread, and sometimes with pork (just like we have meatballs with jam… the ones we find in Ikea).

It’s very easy to make.
Cook some cut apples, brown sugar, yellow and black raisin and cinamom in a pot. Add a cup of red wine if you like. We don’t add wine. It is fine.
charoset making

Ones soft and cooled down, throw them into a bleander to mash them up. Fold in some finely chopped almonds. There, it’s done!
charoset making

Here’s a photo with showing the finely chopped almonds:
charoset making

This link here shows the menu of a Seder Meal, which is very close to what Mom prepares every year.

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