Welcoming Saturday with cupcakes

The pink polka dots cups are the cutest! Topped with one of the most fabulous cakes I’ve ever eaten in my life (i’m not kidding)… oohh laa laaa!!!!
hokkaido cupcakes!!!

This is Hokkaido Cake. It’s soft, spongy, taste of vanilla with white fluffy cream inside.

hokkaido cupcakes!!!

I couldn’t resist!

I want more!!!!!

Even my dog cannot resist.

Looky looky he is begging… 😛
gimme some pleaseee

gimme some pleaseee

gimme some pleaseee

gimme some pleaseee

Happy Saturday!

This Saturday, today, it is hot day. Traffic jam. Road blocks. It’s because the Bersih 3.0 Rally is happening in the city. I shall not speak about it. Politics. Not my interest. There’s enough people talking about it already anyways. So, I’m going into a “Sewing Retreat” by myself in my lovely home. Enjoying the bliss of staying home.

Happy weekend! Yay!

coconut oh coconut

Today, I did some baking using coconut. It started out with me wanting to eat something sweet with the grated coconut texture. Don’t ask me why? I can’t explain it.

Then I remembered I scribbled this recipe I found online a few weeks ago. So… checked my pantry. Had all the ingredients except for the coconut milk and the grated coconut. Out came my iphone, and I WhatsApp my sister, asked her to buy the coconuts for me on her way home from work. Just 1 grated coconut (half if it is a huge coconut) and 100ml of coconut milk.

My sister bought 2 grated coconuts (and it was really a HUGE coconut), plus about 300ml of coconut milk. She said, at first she bought 2 grated coconuts so that I can juice half of that to get the milk. Then she ASSUMED (idiot!) I didn’t know how to juice the coconut, so she bought the ready made coconut milk for me. Now I have so much coconuts!

Anyhoo… I made 2 cakes!

One with the recipe I found online (sorry I forgot from where), and another one is just normal butter cake with lots of coconut inside!.

This is the normal butter cake with coconut inside. I haven’t tried it, still in the baking pan. But I’m assuming it is nice. *fingers cross*

coconut cake

This one,
coconut custard cake

the recipe from “online” is actually a 3 layer cake. Bottom is a biscuit like crust, followed by grated coconut with brown sugar mixture, and topped with coconut + eggs (like custard, but not really).

Yum! Nice. What is your sweet tooth for the day?

simple way to pad up your ironing board

This is just a fast project. I’m not even sure I should call this a “project”.

Anyway, I bought this ironing board from Ikea a year ago. It is convenient, small (but big enough for me), and easily stored away when I don’t need it.
The problem was that it was very very thinly padded !!!

What do you all think of Ikea products? To me, beautiful designs, good to save spaces, and frankly unique, and it has it’s “class” of it’s own.

Here’s the big BUT.
BUT it is expensive (at least to me it is).
BUT its quality (wear and tear) is not that good for the price we pay. Most of the cupboards are made of chipboard :P, poor lamination, or pine wood that breaks easily. Well, I can go on and on, but I won’t.

Back to my ironing board.

That’s the board I’m talking about, standing behind my Bible.
bible cover

Here’s how it looks after being strip off. The metal thing, ok, sturdy enough.

The polyester batting that I iron on. NOT ok. Very thin and of poor quality. I can feel the metal when ironing. I dislike that.
diy : ironing board

Made of polyester!?? Well, forgive my ignorance, but can polyester stand heat? I really don’t know if this is THE ideal  material to use on ironing board.. hmmm.. ??
diy : ironing board

Anyway, I wanted it more padded. So, out came the sponges (not ideal material for ironing board too I suppose, sponges melt when under direct heat from iron!). I figured, the 100% cotton fabric will protect from direct heat, and as long as I don’t leave the hot iron on the surface to too long… it’s gonna be OK!

Just cut cut cut into the same size as the original polyester.

I cut 2 pieces of the sponge. I want them really padded.

Put them all together (no glue, no strings..) on top of each other, and then cover back with the original fabric. One day, I will change the fabric to something cuter ;)). But this satisfy me for the time being.

looky looky i sewed !!!

In my desperation to protect my Bible and at the same time to add some cuteness, I managed to steal an hour of my busy afternoon to make this.

bible cover

I actually had a nice fabric cover for this Bible, but that was made (by me) years ago and it was slightly worn out.

The reason for this?

Well, 2 weeks ago, I joined THE GREAT ADVENTURE. It’s a short 8-week course called “A Quick Journey Through The Bible”, by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmyer.

In our 1st session, Jeff Cavins mentioned in his speech that we would probably go buy ourselves a new Bibles at the begining of a new bible course or when we decided to start reading the bible, in the hope of motivating ourselves to complete (and enjoy) reading the Bible. It was a joke he made, but a rather truthful insight of human nature.

bible cover

Anyway, I’m not intending to buy a new Bible. I love my Bible, and I have journeyed with this particular Bible for many years already. It’s a nice and easy bible to read, albeit slightly huge in size. So, this new cover, is my way of communicating to my brains that I do indeed HAVE a NEW BIBLE ! ^^

The cover is made of one of my favourite fabric of nesting dolls in blue. Loving the prints!
And because I need to carry to class every week, and it’s quick a heavy book, I made it with handles… for easy carrying…

bible cover

See the ironing board behind the Bible? Well, I was prepping for a DIY project. I’ll talk about it in my next post. Meanwhile, wishing all of us a wonderful day ahead!


I simply love them.


Ritter Sport is one of my favourite chocolate brands. I bought these when I was visiting Germany last year end. Kept them like treasure in my fridge 😛 Finally, I had to eat them before they get expire.

They are so affordable overseas… barely MYR5. In Malaysia, we get them in duty free in the airport for MYR9, or MYR7 in duty free states like Langkawi. Not many places sells them. In Village Grocer (aka the expatriate grocery shops.. expensive! MYR 13) on occasions we can find them. That being said, it is also hard to find a variety of flavours. These winter range cannot be found in Malaysia.

Ok. The reason for this random post is because I tried editing this photo in pixlr express. As we all know picnik is closing very very soon… like this Thursday *sad*… so this pixlr express is the most recommended replacement. Frankly, I don’t know why they have to shut down picnik. I don’t know what I will do if flickr decides to close too 😛

Anyway, I hope you all are have the bestest of the weekend!

Happy Easter!

I hope it is not too late to wish you a very Happy and Blessed Easter.
Easter candles 2012

I have been MIA (missing in action) lately, due to work commitments and just being brain dead after that.

I have been continuing with my “spring cleaning” though, albeit not as I planned i.e. one thing a day. I spent last Wednesday and half of Thursday (yesterday) cleaning the whole day away. It was to catch up after lasping for a few days (notice I stopped after ‘day 3’). I must say I’m proud of myself, I so many things done, among them is getting my craft cupboard tidied up, and the stationery drawer cleaned! The room looks neat and spacious now! Yay!

Anyway, I wanted to show you these really wonderful food we had for our Easter lunch.

pork chop!
grilled pork chop

chilli pork burger!!
pork burger with gambas and chilli

day 3 of spring cleaning

It’s almost 4.30pm and I’m just going to start my day 3 of spring cleaning. It’s been a busy day. I don’t even know why I call it a “spring” cleaning seeing that there is no Spring in Malaysia. It’s hot and humid all year round. We don’t have 4 seasons. We perhaps can say we have rainy season and not rainy season.

Some time in the year are much more wetter than other, while some time in the year can be slightly cooler than other time, the temperature ranges from 28 to 38 degree celcius. But don’t get me wrong, 28 degree celcius is still very warm (and humid)! It’s not like in Holland or Scotland where 28 degree celcius you can still be shiver without a light windbreaker.

Anyway, I have a secret. Actually I have a few secrets. I can’t share now because it is a secret… but I will soon. It’s some things I am making. Soon.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with this…

Mango Salad:
mango salad

Pork + beef burger (it’s named Aussie burger):
aussie pork burger

This is from a shop named Andes (I think!) located in Aman Suria. More info soon.. as I plan to visit them again after Easter!

my hotel “souvenir”

Day 2 of spring cleaning my room is over and done.

Today, I cleaned the area below my wardrobe (where I chuck almost everything I want to hide from view) and 1 bathroom cupboard (I have 2 cupboards in my bathroom).

I realised, I had one whole big bag of “souvenir” chuck aside; all from my numerous stay in hotels last year. I was away from home quite a bit last year, due to work projects which require me to be away. All in all, I think I spend almost 9 months away from home.
my hotel "souvenir"

So, unpacking my “souvenir” bag… it’s really a lot!!! You know with the checking-in and checking-out of hotels and the plane rides, and all those really cute branded bottles of toilettries they give out as “complementaries”… I just cannot help but “tapau” (pack) the unused ones home.

my hotel "souvenir"

These are just 1/3 of what I brought back, the rest are not pictured. That’s the perk being an executive customer in 5-star hotels. You get pampered like a Princess! Not just all sorts of nice toilettries, but the flowers and snacks and bedsheets and pillows and getting your bed turned down every evening, toilet flushed and rugged all over, towels changed, linens washed daily… it was heaven! … for a short period of time, before it all becomes slightly “empty” if you know what I mean…

my hotel "souvenir"

Anyway, now I know I don’t have to buy toilettries for the next 1 year ^^

Pliers revamp!

S0…. yesterday I managed to clean part of my room. I did my soft toy section.

Yeap, I have lots and lots of soft toys, of which in the past I arrange them on my bed (i’m a big baby!)… but because it collects dust, so 2 years ago I packed them up and kept them in a safe safe place… I still cannot find the heart to give them away. I don’t think I ever will.

Yesterday, I took them all out, gave them a nice good wipe/dusting, repack and put them in a new bag and then stuff them above my closet! One down. More cleaning to go!

Meanwhile, I manage to find some time to re-decorate my pliers. They were looking old and boring, so I took some ribbons and gave them a new look!
Their handles were getting sticky because the yellow rubber was getting old. These are the pliers I use to make my jewelries.

Pliers revamp! before

Pliers revamp! after


Unleaven bread

Last weekend, Mom baked some unleaven bread for her Seder Meal. It was a great event! And the bread tastes yummylicious! ^^
unleaven bread

This week is the Holy Week… Easter is coming!!! For me, it is a week of making changes.

I will start by cleaning out my room, repainting the walls, and rearranging my crafting loft. There is a lot of cleaning to do. All the messiness has accummulated for one year now.
unleaven bread

It will take some time because there is really really a lot of mess, and I need to balance this with my day job. I really don’t have much time in hand. I’m embarrass to even show the “before” photo hehe… but I will definitely show the “after” photo ^^. Well, this will be in my agenda for this week.

Meanwhile, lunch is in the making. These vegetable are just so colourful !

colour vege

I’m off to fry some rice with vegetables now.