Unleaven bread

Last weekend, Mom baked some unleaven bread for her Seder Meal. It was a great event! And the bread tastes yummylicious! ^^
unleaven bread

This week is the Holy Week… Easter is coming!!! For me, it is a week of making changes.

I will start by cleaning out my room, repainting the walls, and rearranging my crafting loft. There is a lot of cleaning to do. All the messiness has accummulated for one year now.
unleaven bread

It will take some time because there is really really a lot of mess, and I need to balance this with my day job. I really don’t have much time in hand. I’m embarrass to even show the “before” photo hehe… but I will definitely show the “after” photo ^^. Well, this will be in my agenda for this week.

Meanwhile, lunch is in the making. These vegetable are just so colourful !

colour vege

I’m off to fry some rice with vegetables now.

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