Pliers revamp!

S0…. yesterday I managed to clean part of my room. I did my soft toy section.

Yeap, I have lots and lots of soft toys, of which in the past I arrange them on my bed (i’m a big baby!)… but because it collects dust, so 2 years ago I packed them up and kept them in a safe safe place… I still cannot find the heart to give them away. I don’t think I ever will.

Yesterday, I took them all out, gave them a nice good wipe/dusting, repack and put them in a new bag and then stuff them above my closet! One down. More cleaning to go!

Meanwhile, I manage to find some time to re-decorate my pliers. They were looking old and boring, so I took some ribbons and gave them a new look!
Their handles were getting sticky because the yellow rubber was getting old. These are the pliers I use to make my jewelries.

Pliers revamp! before

Pliers revamp! after


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