simple way to pad up your ironing board

This is just a fast project. I’m not even sure I should call this a “project”.

Anyway, I bought this ironing board from Ikea a year ago. It is convenient, small (but big enough for me), and easily stored away when I don’t need it.
The problem was that it was very very thinly padded !!!

What do you all think of Ikea products? To me, beautiful designs, good to save spaces, and frankly unique, and it has it’s “class” of it’s own.

Here’s the big BUT.
BUT it is expensive (at least to me it is).
BUT its quality (wear and tear) is not that good for the price we pay. Most of the cupboards are made of chipboard :P, poor lamination, or pine wood that breaks easily. Well, I can go on and on, but I won’t.

Back to my ironing board.

That’s the board I’m talking about, standing behind my Bible.
bible cover

Here’s how it looks after being strip off. The metal thing, ok, sturdy enough.

The polyester batting that I iron on. NOT ok. Very thin and of poor quality. I can feel the metal when ironing. I dislike that.
diy : ironing board

Made of polyester!?? Well, forgive my ignorance, but can polyester stand heat? I really don’t know if this is THE ideal  material to use on ironing board.. hmmm.. ??
diy : ironing board

Anyway, I wanted it more padded. So, out came the sponges (not ideal material for ironing board too I suppose, sponges melt when under direct heat from iron!). I figured, the 100% cotton fabric will protect from direct heat, and as long as I don’t leave the hot iron on the surface to too long… it’s gonna be OK!

Just cut cut cut into the same size as the original polyester.

I cut 2 pieces of the sponge. I want them really padded.

Put them all together (no glue, no strings..) on top of each other, and then cover back with the original fabric. One day, I will change the fabric to something cuter ;)). But this satisfy me for the time being.

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