coconut oh coconut

Today, I did some baking using coconut. It started out with me wanting to eat something sweet with the grated coconut texture. Don’t ask me why? I can’t explain it.

Then I remembered I scribbled this recipe I found online a few weeks ago. So… checked my pantry. Had all the ingredients except for the coconut milk and the grated coconut. Out came my iphone, and I WhatsApp my sister, asked her to buy the coconuts for me on her way home from work. Just 1 grated coconut (half if it is a huge coconut) and 100ml of coconut milk.

My sister bought 2 grated coconuts (and it was really a HUGE coconut), plus about 300ml of coconut milk. She said, at first she bought 2 grated coconuts so that I can juice half of that to get the milk. Then she ASSUMED (idiot!) I didn’t know how to juice the coconut, so she bought the ready made coconut milk for me. Now I have so much coconuts!

Anyhoo… I made 2 cakes!

One with the recipe I found online (sorry I forgot from where), and another one is just normal butter cake with lots of coconut inside!.

This is the normal butter cake with coconut inside. I haven’t tried it, still in the baking pan. But I’m assuming it is nice. *fingers cross*

coconut cake

This one,
coconut custard cake

the recipe from “online” is actually a 3 layer cake. Bottom is a biscuit like crust, followed by grated coconut with brown sugar mixture, and topped with coconut + eggs (like custard, but not really).

Yum! Nice. What is your sweet tooth for the day?

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