Bubu softtoy

Bubu is the nickname we call our turtle.

He (well we don’t really know if it’sย  He or She… but lets assume it’s a He) walked into our house one day a couple of years back. Scout found him. Scout was hopping all around Bubu and we manage to “save” Bubu from Scout’s playful bite.

One day, we found a friend with Bubu. A baby rat fell into Bubu’s tub and stay on his back to avoid the water. How clever!
bubu and friend

This is my replica of Bubu.
bubu softtoy
Purple woggly eyes ^^ with long lashes!

I’m also playing with my new found love – the Diamond Glaze glue and Mod Podge !!!! Made some rings for myself. Simple. Fast. Pretty. Love the Turquoise especially!

Mille Crepe

I got this photo up in my flickr for sometime now, but haven’t got to blog about it.

mille crepe 4

Well, the only thing I must say is that IT IS REALLY YUMMY !!!!!!!

Made at home, by my sister. It’s her first try, and it took her ages to get the crepe thin and just the right size and texture. She succeeded!

Super soft, super nice! The cream and custard… words cannot describe…

mille crepe 2

So what are you baking today?

I have plans to make a strawberry cake soon!

it’s all stress induced

My recent food finds…

Yummy pizza from Canadian Pizza. They are both vegetarian, since we had it on a Friday. One is cheesy something, i can’t remember. The other is the mushroom something, i can’t remember also ๐Ÿ˜›
canadian pizza

This is my late night rendezvous last Friday at Secret Recipe, while waiting to pick my cousin up from Sentral. Strawberry chocolate cake.
strawberry choco secret recipe

And this was my dinner on one of the days last week. Japanese set at Sakae. Lovely!
saba fish & soft shell crab - sakae curve

I realised these are all stress induced. One more thing… I forgot to mention in my giveaway winner post yesterday was…. who won which prize…

So here it is:
Snoodles – Laundry
jmniffer – Ice cream
Laura Pearce – animal


braceletes and la.mi.na.tor

I got myself into a laminator frenzy.

The sale was too good to resist. Half price!!! So I bought this baby!

Laminate.laminate.laminate. Best nyerrrrr……… ^^
That’s what I’ve been doing. Whatever I can get my hands on, I laminated. It was fun!

I wanted to show you something I whipped up.
In light sapphire and amethyst. They are Rosary Braceletes. Gifts to two of my customer who always order Rosaries from me. ๐Ÿ™‚

This one is made of 8mm donut chinese crystals light sapphire.The smaller crystals are 4mm, in clear and vintage rose.
rosary bracelete sapphire

This one is made of 6mm donut chinese crystals in amethyst. The smaller crystals are 4mm, in vintage rose. And the larger bead is 8mm round chinese crystal in rose.
rosary bracelete amethyst

So today, I’m slightly free from day work duties. That’s because it is a bank holiday in Holland, where most of my stakeholders are located. Woot! or not? Well, not really. I have a lot of administrative work to do ๐Ÿ™ Boo hoo… but it’s less stressful, and I’m freer to let my mind roam… into more crafty stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a nice day y’all!!

SMS Giveaway Winners ! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congratulations dear contestants ๐Ÿ™‚

The winners for the SMS winners are…. *drum roll*******

1) Commentor no. 72:
Snoodles says:
May 23, 2012 at 8:02 am (Edit)
I would be thrilled to have any one of the three! I think they are all adorable.

2) Commentor no. 161:
jmniffer says:
May 25, 2012 at 8:14 pm (Edit)
These bags are adorable! The ice cream one is my favorite. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

3) Commentor no. 102:
Laura Pearce says:
May 23, 2012 at 11:02 pm (Edit)
They are all amazingly cute! Iโ€™d like the animals best, but would be seriously thrilled with any of them

Here are the random number generated.

Looking at the comment list, total comments you will see is 172 comments. The latest comment does not count because it is my own ping back. So, there is really a total of 171 contestants.

My blog list the comments in the order of the latest comments will show on top, i.e. commentor 172 will be shown as comment number 1 in the list. Hence, for example, if you take commentor number 161, in the comment list this is actually number 12. I had to count backwards… hope you understand what I mean. You can see the when the comments are posted from the time stamp. I will allow comments posted up to 26th May 9am my time. The reason is that Malaysia time is 13 hours ahead of USA.

Anyway, congratulations to my 3 winners!!!!! *clap hands* *cheers* I will contact you ASAP.

i sew baby gifts

So, my SMS giveaway is now closed. I will be announcing the 3 winners tomorrow.

I’m glad it’s the weekends :-). It has been a very stressful week, mainly because I have so much work queue up at work PLUS I had to 7 attend interview enquiries!!! Next week, arrrgggg… more interviews!!!!

Today, despite the buzzing in my head, I visited a very good friend of mine who just had her first baby. A cute little bundle of joy dragon boy. This year, many Chinese willย want to have babies (and a boy if possible) because it is the Dragon year. It is believed that the Dragon baby are lucky and blessed, and will bring many blessings to the family. Afterall, Dragon is the only mystical creature amongst the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar.

I made these gifts for my friend a couple of weeks ago. Slow and steady, I completed one at a time.

The 1st gift I made is from this tutorial found in SewMamaSew blog.
CH Baby Gift

Then I made 2 of these cute blocks from this tutorial.
CH Baby Gift4

Then I made a simple hankie using diaper cloth on one side, and the other side the same cute cotton with cars printed on. No pattern, just cut a square and sew sew sew!
ICH Baby Gift1

And this one, the BIB… is my favourite of them all. I made this myself without a pattern. It was inspired by this huge overall-looking bib I saw on display in the Fun & Cheer shop nearby, but mine is not as complicated, nor does it need as much fabric. I use bias tape to make the “sleeves” instead of sewing a sleeve… (if you know what i mean :P…). And the back is bare, like how a bib is suppose to be ^^…
CH Baby Gift2

Anyway, I have a BIB tutorial coming up soon.

Then lastly, I packed up all the gifts in this cute little bag.
CH Baby Gift6

Yes, I bought that bag for RM3.90 in Popular bookshop. Haha… was looking for a nice box, wrapper or something… and frankly I’m just not into gift wrapping… so this serves the purpose, plus it’s really really cute!

How is your weekend so far?
I’m off to enjoying the rest of my Saturday night, and looking forward to Mass tomorrow… and more stress ๐Ÿ˜› (UGH!!!) next week.

P/S: I so LIKE the Hello Kitty flannel in my photos….

Mother’s Day gift ~ vanity pouch

Before writing my post about Mother’s day gift, I’d like to mention that the SMS giveaway is still happening till 25th May. Please do come join my giveaway here.

I am quite frustrated this morning because I realised many of my comments/entry for the SMS did not come out. I know for sure this is due to MY BROWSER PROBLEM (and i don’t know how to correct it though *cry*). I spend quite a lot of time last night visiting blogs (and i did it in sequence from no. 1 to no. xx in each category ~ yeah no skipping, I’M JUST THAT OCD!!!)… so yes when I realised my comments did not post I felt “ugh”. Hope it gets better tonight though; or I’ll just comment from another computer!

So, here’s my Mother’s Day gift!
vanity pouch

A beauty.

I like the roses, so chic !

The pouch is coated with a layer of “plastic”. I wouldn’t call it vinyl coated because the “plastic” is not actually glued to the fabric. It is 2-layered, outside clear plastic, inside cotton fabric.

And to top it all up, there’s also this handmade flower.
flower on vanity pouch1

Pink is my favourite!
flower on vanity pouch

Cool right?
Was a really pretty Mother’s Day gift ๐Ÿ™‚

P/s: I did not sew the pouches!

coffee maker

i love my coffee!

coffee maker

When I was in Holland I bought a packet of Douwe Egbert (red) grounded coffee. You can’t buy this brand in Malaysia. It was really good. Not too strong but not too light. I loved it. I cherished every sip, every drop of coffee that comes out from each spoonful of grounded bean. Then one fine day, it was my last cup. The 500g of beans had to finish one day and that day came too soon ๐Ÿ™

When I’m back in Holland again, I’m gonna get like 100 packets and bring them all home!!!! But till then, I continue my search for nice coffee beans to brew at home. By the way, Starbucks don’t count. Their coffee is one of my favourite but only when bought ready made from their outlets.


Anyway, I might have found a close substitute for my Douwe Egbert.. it’s the Ikea organic coffee beans. I thinks it’s Arabica. It will work for now!

Made this baby to keep my coffee maker covered when its not in used.

coffeemaker cover

May Giveaway !

Today is a very special day on blogland. It is the beginning of Sewmamasew 2012 Giveaway Day!!! .

I am participating, and here isย my GIVEAWAYssss.

sewmamasew giveaway 2012

I am offering, not just one… but THREE cuties flex frame purses to THREE LUCKY WINNERS !!!

TO ENTER, simply leave a comment telling me which of the purses you would like to win, and if you are the lucky winner I will try to accommodate your choice (Icecream, Laundry or Cute Animals).

Make sure to leave your email addresses so that I will be able to contact you.

I’d love it if you would follow my blog updates via FACEBOOK or GOOGLE+. The links are on this blog’s sidebar. Winner will be announce there too!

sewmamasew giveaway 2012 a

My giveaway is open to everyone and I will ship internationally!
Giveaway closes May 25 at 5 p.m. PST.
Winners will be chosen randomly using the random dot org, and announced here on my blog, my Facebook Page and my Google+ page on 27th May. Gifts will be shipped out by 1st June.

Go to Sewmamasew blog to join giveaways from other participants.


Cakes cakes cakes

So the day is over. Our bazaar is over. My cakes sold like hot cakes! Within the first hour… woot! *happy happy*

cake shop

This was the “scene” in my kitchen last night.

The layer cake I mentioned I was baking then

layer cake2

My sister said “macam factory” (like a factory) at work. Hehe…

layer cake3

Then after this cake was completed, we decided that we should make another cake – a simple one – Butter Cake with Choco Chips! Yum!

butter with choco chips

Well, factory closed past midnight last night. It was all worthy.

Come back tomorrow for my giveaway post. Go here to sign up too!