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As promised, I said I will re-open my Etsy shop in May.
It’s now May the 3rd. I’ve started listing stuff in my shop. That also indirectly means… drum roll pleaseeeeeee…. I’ve started sewing again *wink wink*.

Fingers cross, I will have time to continue the sewing.

Frankly, I prefer taking custom orders. That way, I sew only when there is an order, and I can make it 100% to the liking of my customer a.k.a. CUSTOM MADE… hehehe…

However, listing in Etsy is good too, as it helps me get some publicity. As you know, I do not promote. Well hardly. Not even by words of mouth i.e. I don’t go around telling people I sew and I sell. If it’s mentioned then it’s mentioned. If not then it’s not said. I guess I need to improve on my networkings. 🙂

This COASTERS are made of felt.
Leaf felt COASTERS Pink Green

I really love how it turned out, and so proud *shoulder pat* of myself for thinking about this.

The “coaster” idea was inspired by the need for me to use a coaster all the time as it is very humid and hot in Malaysia! My ice cold drink leaves water stain on my table all.the.time and worst it sometimes gets to my stuff on the table. Not good. So coasters come in very very handy.

Leaf felt COASTERS Pink Green

The idea to use FELT came while I was cleaning my fabric cupboard. I realised I had a whole stack of felt (about a foot tall) and I do not know what to use them for! No point keeping, I need the space. So it’s more like destashing + creating.

The coasters below has a layer of non-slip material. The idea of the non-slip was also due to my spring cleaning efforts.

Leaf felt COASTERS non slip Pink Red

I found a whole 2 metres roll of non-slip, which was stashed somewhere along with other stuff which I bought for just-in-case-i-need-them-one-day. Believe me when I say it’s not easy to sew the non-slip on. I had to use tracing paper as a “go-between” my sewing maching and the felt. Not to mention, my first try was to glue (mod podge) the non-slip to the felt. It worked out well, but started out rather messy and of course I did not have the patience to wait for them to dry!

Leaf felt COASTERS non slip Pink Red

But everything worked out fine in the end. I’m Happy.

Come support me in my Etsy shop. The COASTERS are already listed, together with some cute floral pouches.

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