chic pillows for my outdoor space

Hello again! Earlier today I mentioned that I did some sewing last week.

Here’s what I sewed.

2 large and fluffy pillows and a table cloth for my “outdoor space”.
my outdoor space - new pillows! 2

This is where I usually have my morning cuppa joe (if the weather’s not too warm). It faces my tiny little garden, and I like to “hang out” here because my dog Scout loves the garden. He chases the birds that come visit us in the mornings.

my outdoor space - new pillows!

I call this place my “Outdoor Space”. Sometimes I sew here, and occasionally my Mom does the prayers here.

And by the way, I need to confess it’s the first time in my life sewing on PIPINGS… I know how it’s done, I’ve seen it done… but i haven’t done it before until these pillows! *clap hand* hehe…

A closer look:
my outdoor space - new pillows! 3

I know I should have iron. But iron and me are not so close friend ^^
my outdoor space - new pillows! 4

And of course, I had to show you this! I was trying out a new pattern couple of weeks back, and yay! a new handbag for me!
and a new handbag )

Now, I’m going to really enjoy my outdoor space with a cuppa green tea. I love green tea. It’s evening, it’s dark and it’s cooling after the rain this afternoon.


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