Baking for KA Bazaar tomorrow

So I’m baking like mad today. While writing this post, I’m waiting for my Layered cake to bake. Every 10 minutes or so I’m adding on a new layer. It’s tedious, but really worth the effort.

This afternoon, I baked this yogurt cake. Instead of using fresh strawberries, I used canned peaches. Yes I know it sounds like a rather inferior substitute, but believe me it is super delicious. The canned peaches gives the cake a sweeter taste, because of the juices it was soaked in and because peaches are generally sweeter than strawberries. Both variations are just as good.

The cakes are all packed up for sale in our annual church bazaar tomorrow!

peach yogurt cake for sale! 3

RM 6 for a pack of 2 pieces, each piece measuring about 3″x3″. It’s a bargain!

peach yogurt cake for sale!

I guess photos for layered cake will come in the next post. Good night for now 🙂

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