coffee maker

i love my coffee!

coffee maker

When I was in Holland I bought a packet of Douwe Egbert (red) grounded coffee. You can’t buy this brand in Malaysia. It was really good. Not too strong but not too light. I loved it. I cherished every sip, every drop of coffee that comes out from each spoonful of grounded bean. Then one fine day, it was my last cup. The 500g of beans had to finish one day and that day came too soon 🙁

When I’m back in Holland again, I’m gonna get like 100 packets and bring them all home!!!! But till then, I continue my search for nice coffee beans to brew at home. By the way, Starbucks don’t count. Their coffee is one of my favourite but only when bought ready made from their outlets.


Anyway, I might have found a close substitute for my Douwe Egbert.. it’s the Ikea organic coffee beans. I thinks it’s Arabica. It will work for now!

Made this baby to keep my coffee maker covered when its not in used.

coffeemaker cover

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  1. Muriël | | Reply

    I think you’re right. It’s Arabica that gives it the nice smell.

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