Mother’s Day gift ~ vanity pouch

Before writing my post about Mother’s day gift, I’d like to mention that the SMS giveaway is still happening till 25th May. Please do come join my giveaway here.

I am quite frustrated this morning because I realised many of my comments/entry for the SMS did not come out. I know for sure this is due to MY BROWSER PROBLEM (and i don’t know how to correct it though *cry*). I spend quite a lot of time last night visiting blogs (and i did it in sequence from no. 1 to no. xx in each category ~ yeah no skipping, I’M JUST THAT OCD!!!)… so yes when I realised my comments did not post I felt “ugh”. Hope it gets better tonight though; or I’ll just comment from another computer!

So, here’s my Mother’s Day gift!
vanity pouch

A beauty.

I like the roses, so chic !

The pouch is coated with a layer of “plastic”. I wouldn’t call it vinyl coated because the “plastic” is not actually glued to the fabric. It is 2-layered, outside clear plastic, inside cotton fabric.

And to top it all up, there’s also this handmade flower.
flower on vanity pouch1

Pink is my favourite!
flower on vanity pouch

Cool right?
Was a really pretty Mother’s Day gift 🙂

P/s: I did not sew the pouches!

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