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So, my SMS giveaway is now closed. I will be announcing the 3 winners tomorrow.

I’m glad it’s the weekends :-). It has been a very stressful week, mainly because I have so much work queue up at work PLUS I had to 7 attend interview enquiries!!! Next week, arrrgggg… more interviews!!!!

Today, despite the buzzing in my head, I visited a very good friend of mine who just had her first baby. A cute little bundle of joy dragon boy. This year, many Chinese will want to have babies (and a boy if possible) because it is the Dragon year. It is believed that the Dragon baby are lucky and blessed, and will bring many blessings to the family. Afterall, Dragon is the only mystical creature amongst the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar.

I made these gifts for my friend a couple of weeks ago. Slow and steady, I completed one at a time.

The 1st gift I made is from this tutorial found in SewMamaSew blog.
CH Baby Gift

Then I made 2 of these cute blocks from this tutorial.
CH Baby Gift4

Then I made a simple hankie using diaper cloth on one side, and the other side the same cute cotton with cars printed on. No pattern, just cut a square and sew sew sew!
ICH Baby Gift1

And this one, the BIB… is my favourite of them all. I made this myself without a pattern. It was inspired by this huge overall-looking bib I saw on display in the Fun & Cheer shop nearby, but mine is not as complicated, nor does it need as much fabric. I use bias tape to make the “sleeves” instead of sewing a sleeve… (if you know what i mean :P…). And the back is bare, like how a bib is suppose to be ^^…
CH Baby Gift2

Anyway, I have a BIB tutorial coming up soon.

Then lastly, I packed up all the gifts in this cute little bag.
CH Baby Gift6

Yes, I bought that bag for RM3.90 in Popular bookshop. Haha… was looking for a nice box, wrapper or something… and frankly I’m just not into gift wrapping… so this serves the purpose, plus it’s really really cute!

How is your weekend so far?
I’m off to enjoying the rest of my Saturday night, and looking forward to Mass tomorrow… and more stress 😛 (UGH!!!) next week.

P/S: I so LIKE the Hello Kitty flannel in my photos….

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