braceletes and

I got myself into a laminator frenzy.

The sale was too good to resist. Half price!!! So I bought this baby!

Laminate.laminate.laminate. Best nyerrrrr……… ^^
That’s what I’ve been doing. Whatever I can get my hands on, I laminated. It was fun!

I wanted to show you something I whipped up.
In light sapphire and amethyst. They are Rosary Braceletes. Gifts to two of my customer who always order Rosaries from me. 🙂

This one is made of 8mm donut chinese crystals light sapphire.The smaller crystals are 4mm, in clear and vintage rose.
rosary bracelete sapphire

This one is made of 6mm donut chinese crystals in amethyst. The smaller crystals are 4mm, in vintage rose. And the larger bead is 8mm round chinese crystal in rose.
rosary bracelete amethyst

So today, I’m slightly free from day work duties. That’s because it is a bank holiday in Holland, where most of my stakeholders are located. Woot! or not? Well, not really. I have a lot of administrative work to do 🙁 Boo hoo… but it’s less stressful, and I’m freer to let my mind roam… into more crafty stuff 😉

Have a nice day y’all!!

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