it’s all stress induced

My recent food finds…

Yummy pizza from Canadian Pizza. They are both vegetarian, since we had it on a Friday. One is cheesy something, i can’t remember. The other is the mushroom something, i can’t remember also 😛
canadian pizza

This is my late night rendezvous last Friday at Secret Recipe, while waiting to pick my cousin up from Sentral. Strawberry chocolate cake.
strawberry choco secret recipe

And this was my dinner on one of the days last week. Japanese set at Sakae. Lovely!
saba fish & soft shell crab - sakae curve

I realised these are all stress induced. One more thing… I forgot to mention in my giveaway winner post yesterday was…. who won which prize…

So here it is:
Snoodles – Laundry
jmniffer – Ice cream
Laura Pearce – animal


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  1. Snoodles | | Reply

    Seriously…I’m drooling for that cake. Sigh. Unless I want my sugar level to spike badly, I’d better resist! LOL

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