Bubu softtoy

Bubu is the nickname we call our turtle.

He (well we don’t really know if it’s  He or She… but lets assume it’s a He) walked into our house one day a couple of years back. Scout found him. Scout was hopping all around Bubu and we manage to “save” Bubu from Scout’s playful bite.

One day, we found a friend with Bubu. A baby rat fell into Bubu’s tub and stay on his back to avoid the water. How clever!
bubu and friend

This is my replica of Bubu.
bubu softtoy
Purple woggly eyes ^^ with long lashes!

I’m also playing with my new found love – the Diamond Glaze glue and Mod Podge !!!! Made some rings for myself. Simple. Fast. Pretty. Love the Turquoise especially!

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