FILO handbag

Why FILO ?

Filo as in filo pastry!

filo handbag

Because, making this bag reminds me of this type of pastry. Layer by layer, and the end results is the puffs!

There are 4 layers in the making of this lovely mix of elegance and cute handbag.
Layer 1, the outside fabric. Layer 2, the batting. Layer 3 the fucible inteliner for extra sturdiness. Layer 4, the lining fabric.

This bag keeps its shape. Always rounded :P. It’s kinda chubby. And chubby is sexy!

This bag is put together using cotton fabric… in my favourite combination of colours! Machine quilted and handsewn pocket. Oh yes 1 pocket inside, just nice to fit an iphone. It closes with a magnetic snap. I use {new} belts (the ones we use to hold up our pants) to make the straps and closure. The belt is made of pvc.

It’s light, puffy, stores many things. Good for daily use.

filo handbag_inside

Bag measures horizontally 10″ x height approx 6.5″. Width approx. 5.5″. Straps end-to-end approx. 17″. Strap length will vary depending on the length of the belt (but of course long enough to sling on our shoulder).

I enjoyed making this bag and would love to make you one.

So I’m taking orders!

For a limited time only, discounted price is between RM50 to RM65 (USD25 to USD33); depending on the fabric you choose.
The usual, cotton and cotton blend is more affordable than Japanese cotton, linen or cotton duck.
Select your fabric HERE; – combi of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 fabric pattern to make up the squares for the bag. Entirely your choice!
Lining (the insides) I will match with plain cotton blend or if you want, please select (price will match your selections). Price of course not inclusive of postage ;).

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P/s: I’m just dying to tell you… that ballerina fabric at the bottom of the bag… it’s my new pillow case!

sales! destash sales !!!

Dear Friends,

I have planned this for a while, but only managed to take action today.

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wooden novelty buttons

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3Owls Antique Bronze charm

I have about 30 to 50 more items to list, and will do so in the next few days, progressively. I will accept advance bookings, so that you can combine shipping and save even more… and I could maybe throw in a few extras… However please only make bookings if you are seriously intending to buy. 🙂

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Thank you for reading.


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emeralds and siams

I simply love customers which allow me the flexibility to mix and match crystals.

7 Sorrow Rosary, using emerald AB with clear crystals slot in between. The Our Father bead is crysolite.

I enjoyed making this.

7 sorrows rosary in emerald

This one is a red red rosary. Siam red. Lovely colour. Matched with a ruby red Our Father bead, which I wrap with silver wire. Isn’t it lovely?
siam red rosary
The tiny beads are rose in colour. Really light, almost crystal clear.

Refurbishing my ikea lamps

I’m an Ikea Hacker wannabe 😉

I bought a pair if these lamps from Ikea about 5 years ago I think, when I first planned to move into our new home.

They were cream in colour, and really nice. Fits the ambiance I planned for my hall. Well, it still does, except that now the creamy porcelain base has gray marks from all the dusts, and some chipped surface from scrubbing the dust off the base. The lamp shade has yellow ageing spots. Ugh!!!

Here’s a before photo:
ikea lamp before

See all the yellow age spots on the lamp shade?

What I did:
1) Bought a can of spray paint in baby blue. I wanted teal, but the shop only had this one blue colour 0_o… and I kinda liked this blue, so I bought it.

2) Unscrew the bulbs, separate the shade from the base… basically unscrew whatever that can be removed or separated.

3) I use masking tape and lots of recycled paper to cover the wire and the metal & plastic parts (those that is there to hold the bulbs and the shades. The idea is to cover parts where you don’t want paint on.
Because the base of the lamp has holes in them, I taped paper inside the base so that the paint won’t go in (it is hollow there and you can get to it from the bottom). There’s a place for a bulb there too!

4) Then, this is the fun part. Spray two coats of paint on the base. I left it overnight to make sure it is truly dry (i’m just like that).

5) Then, for the shade… fun and sticky. This is where I took out my Fabric Mod Podge and some leftover Ikea fabric. I simply measure around the shade, cut out 2 pieces of fabric (because they are leftovers, I don’t have just one piece that fits around). Brush mod podge on the shade and glue the fabric on. I made sure that the fabric on the outside is slightly wider (about 1.5cm both sides) than the shade, so that I can turn it over and glue them to the insides of the shades

That’s really about it.

ikea lamp after

Oh ya, don’t forget to remove all unwanted masking tape, paper and reassemble back all the part you took apart earlier.

A super new chic cute wowzer looking lamp!

I’ve completed one, now I’m going to go ahead and start of the other lamp.

Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS

Hello my friends, how are you?

This is what I did last night.
A simple and easy way to make cute hairclips!

Fast, cute and simple seems to be my motto these days. 24 hours a day is not enough. But somehow in between the busy schedule, I HAVE TO slip in a few minutes to satisfy my crafty cravings, otherwise life would never seem complete 🙂

This little project worked. It completed my weekend with a big smile.

1) You will need 3 things. Strong permanent glue, cabochons/flat back buttons (cute, pretty ones), hairclip base.
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (1)

2) This step is easy peasy. Just glue glue glue away!!!!
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (2)

3) Leave it for a couple of hours to dry.
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (3)

4) DONE!!!! Yay!!!! Cute little hairclips… for your kids, as gifts or even for yourself!
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (4)

Happy Monday! May the blues stay away 🙂

first aid kit

I was inspired by this tutorial from A Spoonful Of Sugar… with improvised variations. Nevertheless I love her cute and very useful pouch idea; and I’ve been wanting to make a first aid kit for my home but haven’t really got to it until now.

I wanted something quick to sew (itchy fingers!), just something crafty to accomplish in a short time. Took me less than 15 minutes to cut and sew.

emergency aid kit1

I use felt. Cut out 2 pieces of white felt 4″x4″, and 4 pieces of red felt 1″x4″. And using a red thread I handsew the red felt onto the white one, to form a red cross. Then mod podge it to both sides of this vinyl pouch I have (free from the pharmacy when I purchase my monthly supplements).

Lo and behold! A first aid kit pouch. Easy peasy.

emergency aid kit2

Then I started filling it up with things I believe is essential in a first aid kit. I did not buy any of the items, we already have them at home except that it is all over the house. So this moderately small pouch is just the right thing to keep all these essentials in one place!

I have bandages, cotton, cotton buds, scissor, plaster, alcohol wipes, iodin wipes, disposable gloves, CPR mask, energy drink, nail clipper, twizzer, hypodermic needles, tissue paper, disposable face mask, gauze, safety pin, and spontan.
Hmmm… what else do I need?

So if you’re looking for an easy project, this is a good start 🙂