Articles from June 2012

emeralds and siams

I simply love customers which allow me the flexibility to mix and match crystals. 7 Sorrow Rosary, using emerald AB with clear crystals slot in between. The Our Father bead is crysolite. I enjoyed making this. This one is a red red rosary. Siam red. Lovely colour. Matched with a

first aid kit

I was inspired by this tutorial from A Spoonful Of Sugar… with improvised variations. Nevertheless I love her cute and very useful pouch idea; and I’ve been wanting to make a first aid kit for my home but haven’t really got to it until now. I wanted something quick to

looky a cap!

A special request, for a special person. A almost 2 month old baby. Babies have such tiny heads! Only 14 inches circumference… And it’s made from this tutorial. THANK YOU Eddie’s Mommy for this tutorial! I added a pop button to clip up the duck tongue like this. I’m glad