FILO handbag

Why FILO ?

Filo as in filo pastry!

filo handbag

Because, making this bag reminds me of this type of pastry. Layer by layer, and the end results is the puffs!

There are 4 layers in the making of this lovely mix of elegance and cute handbag.
Layer 1, the outside fabric. Layer 2, the batting. Layer 3 the fucible inteliner for extra sturdiness. Layer 4, the lining fabric.

This bag keeps its shape. Always rounded :P. It’s kinda chubby. And chubby is sexy!

This bag is put together using cotton fabric… in my favourite combination of colours! Machine quilted and handsewn pocket. Oh yes 1 pocket inside, just nice to fit an iphone. It closes with a magnetic snap. I use {new} belts (the ones we use to hold up our pants) to make the straps and closure. The belt is made of pvc.

It’s light, puffy, stores many things. Good for daily use.

filo handbag_inside

Bag measures horizontally 10″ x height approx 6.5″. Width approx. 5.5″. Straps end-to-end approx. 17″. Strap length will vary depending on the length of the belt (but of course long enough to sling on our shoulder).

I enjoyed making this bag and would love to make you one.

So I’m taking orders!

For a limited time only, discounted price is between RM50 to RM65 (USD25 to USD33); depending on the fabric you choose.
The usual, cotton and cotton blend is more affordable than Japanese cotton, linen or cotton duck.
Select your fabric HERE; – combi of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 fabric pattern to make up the squares for the bag. Entirely your choice!
Lining (the insides) I will match with plain cotton blend or if you want, please select (price will match your selections). Price of course not inclusive of postage ;).

Please also support my DESTASH SALE HERE. All things new at very cheap prices, and new items updated {almost} daily.

P/s: I’m just dying to tell you… that ballerina fabric at the bottom of the bag… it’s my new pillow case!


  1. trishie | | Reply

    This is so cute! Love the fabric

  2. two birds | | Reply

    i love it..chubby is a great way to describe a bag!

  3. Annette | | Reply

    i want to order one, can ah? 🙂 i want one diaper bag, that is stylish and doesnt look like a diaper bag 😀

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