Sleep and 2 new projects

For those of you who read my FB status, you would realised that recently I have been sleeping really late and waking up considerably late in the morning. I am usually an early riser, 7am at the latest; but I have been waking up around 10am these past week. The reason for this is because I’ve been hooked onto watching sitcoms on YouTube and playing online games. It’s a wonder with modern technology and social media, everything is so accessible from the comfort of my home. Not only that, I get updates via twitter on news and upgrades for the movie or games which I subscribe to. All I need is internet connection and a laptop… ^^

Meanwhile, I got 2 projects in hand, using these 2 combinations of fabric. What do you think?

The pastel peach colour is so soft and sweet.
fabric combination 1

I find the umbrellas very kawaii, and purple is just royal !
fabric combination 2

I will share the outcome of the projects soon. Have a nice day!

Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend this Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy for Emotional Healing workshop. It was a half day workshop, especially for us pastoral counsellors. The speaker was Ms Fiona Chang.

I had lots of fun in this workshop. We had the opportunity to explore different working approaches which using multiple-modal of expressive arts to gain personal growth and transformation. The art modalities in this workshop includes visual art, music, soiund, dramatic play, body movement, writing, drawing and creating. The final part of the workshop, we witness a theraupetic session using art expression. It was really really an eye opener, and so interesting.

I wish I can learn more and apply them in my counselling work.

This type of theraphy was founded by Dr Natalie Rogers (daughter of the famous Carl Rogers). To learn more, maybe this book will help.
PCEA book

My flower basket creation.
flower cart

My sister’s beach party creation.
beach party

So are we creative enough to express? Haha, being creative (or not) is not a prerequisite to use this type of theraphy. It’s about letting the arts (persieve as creative or not) to help express feelings and promote self-healing.

japanese cotton and english cotton

Just couldn’t resist them!

Look what I bought yesterday?

more cotton fabric

I needed more plain coloured cotton for my bags… but the rest was just because they are too good to resist.

Somehow grey and pink appealed to me yesterday. I was a pink & grey gal ^^

These are English cotton, from Lancaster the Uncle told me.
pink lotus leaf_english cotton

My favourite of the lot.
grey-pink blossoms_english cotton

This one is Japanese cotton.
pollens_japanese cotton

All 3 pattern fabrics are HERE, included in the Fabric Choices Set for your custom made bags!

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Happy Monday 🙂 May the blues be gone….

experiment front zipper pouch and new galaxy note pouch

A little night sewing doing a little experiment.
Front zip pouch.

Front- zip side:
front zipped phone pouch_fron

My first time sewing this, with full lining (no raw seams insides). Usually when sewing this type of pouches, I leave the inside with raw seams showing; either that or use bias tape or zig zag stitches.
Thought of trying something different, and since I was not in my lazy mode… I made this with no raw seams!

Back – pretty fabric side:
front zipped phone pouch_back

Anyway, my new iPhone pouch.
Sorry no photo of the “un”raw seams.
The strap is made from faux leather.

Here is another Samsung Galaxy Note pouch, custom order from a friend.
samsung galaxy pouch

samsung galaxy pouch1

I sure love sewing with canvas and linen. Nice and sturdy. 🙂
Happy Tuesday my friends!