Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend this Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy for Emotional Healing workshop. It was a half day workshop, especially for us pastoral counsellors. The speaker was Ms Fiona Chang.

I had lots of fun in this workshop. We had the opportunity to explore different working approaches which using multiple-modal of expressive arts to gain personal growth and transformation. The art modalities in this workshop includes visual art, music, soiund, dramatic play, body movement, writing, drawing and creating. The final part of the workshop, we witness a theraupetic session using art expression. It was really really an eye opener, and so interesting.

I wish I can learn more and apply them in my counselling work.

This type of theraphy was founded by Dr Natalie Rogers (daughter of the famous Carl Rogers). To learn more, maybe this book will help.
PCEA book

My flower basket creation.
flower cart

My sister’s beach party creation.
beach party

So are we creative enough to express? Haha, being creative (or not) is not a prerequisite to use this type of theraphy. It’s about letting the arts (persieve as creative or not) to help express feelings and promote self-healing.

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