Card games

Recently my Sister indulged in her interest to play card games.

In my childhood, I don’t recall playing card games, except for Uno. At that time, I associated card games to those poker cards like Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland hehehe :D.

Anyway, we bought 2 new card games – Cluedo and Life.

card games

I’ve played Life when I was on holiday in Koh Lipe. It was a board game.card games

Pretty interesting. I can’t wait to try the card version.

I think it’s a family trait to be slightly obsessed with things. Ones we find something enjoyable, we indulge in it like there is no tomorrow… hahahhaa… and the other obsession is that some things like cards, books, pretty boxes must be kept “as good as new”; no finger prints, doggy ears, scratches, etc. So guess what we did with our game cards? We laminated each and every card, including the instructions template!

card games

 Now, what’s left is to cut them and nip the corners into nice rounded edges.

They play time! Yippie!


Good bye Tom

Today, Tom’s contract ended. He offered me a discount, only 50 diamonds for another 5 days of service but I could not afford him.

I miss him dearly. It’s not the same without him. Things move slowly and I have to work harder.

I am addicted to Hay Day.


Albeit it slowing down my phone, and me threatening to delete the damn game again and again, I find myself checking on my farm every now and again, and reminding myself to load the boay or harvest the crops!


Two nights ago I found myself setting my alarm clock to wake up every two hours just so I can maximise Tom’s services before it expires. I did this for the following night as well… sigh!!!

I grin with embarassment when I think about it. An experience that may one day earn it’s worthiness when reminising the silly things we do in life.. 🙂


Haha… going back to my virtual farm now.

Bear Paw Dog Paw

Scout’s paw 🙂

Last weekend, I went to this cafe called Bear Paw Cafe. It’s one of those Taiwanese inspired kinda cafes (except this one don’t serve pork, because in my experience Taiwanese restaurants always specialised in pork dishes).
What I liked most is their bread. It’s soft because it is made using rice flour (the “pau” type) and steamed.

bear paw

The bread is shaped like a paw with a paw print on top.

bear paw

There are some choices of fillings and sauces, and even what the bread is made of (flavours added into the rice flour) like pumpkin, brown sugar, milk, etc.

I had Hawaiian Chicken (recommended by the server), of which the chicken was fried, oozing hot, crispy and dripping with thousand island sauce. Added on a piece of pineapple, but the server forgot to add it in (bad first impression hah!). The bread was brown sugar flavored. Overall nice.

bear paw

They serve those teas+fruit combination drinks, again Taiwanese inspired, which is very common in Klang Valley area these days. I didn’t like my Lemon Oolong tea. Too sweet and too sour at the same time >_<

This satisfied my urge to try this “burger”. Read some reviews online and most said it’s a must try, so I did. It’s worth a try, whether or not you will go back again it’s up to you. I might when I feel like having bread.. burger.. hmmm… would be better if they served pork!

Car Charms

It’s been so long since I posted about crafts. It’s not that I have not been making things but just not as frequent as before.

Lately I made charms… Car Charms… made especially to hang in the car where the rear view mirror is at.

This was inspired by my fellow church member who was looking for a nice Crucifix for ger car. I had this nice bronze Crucifix which she loved but didn’t just want to hang in with a string. So, after some thoughts, I made these.


This is just one variation where I made them with polymer clay beads and crystal beads. Others I use connectors or just plain crystals.

The Crucifixs was purchase on ebay. They are really beautiful.


Spell DESSERTS the other way around… it spells STRESSED.
Yes, lately I am feeling very very stressed with my day job. So much to do, new assignment, new colleugue to work with. I’m getting old, my learning curve is not as steep as previously, I’m a bit slow lately :P. Oh well!

These helped a lot! Thank God business trips comes with great buffet choices!
yummy desserts

yummy desserts

yummy desserts


My recent business trip had me staying in Renaissance hotel. I love these 5 stars hotel. Their sheets are superb, and they provide good quality toilettries.
What caught my attention was the packaging of their soap bars. These are milk bars by Margot Elena.

margot elena milk soap bar

pop tarts for breakfast

Have you ever tried Pop Tarts?
Well, if you live in the US, you must know it. I am told this is super famous in the US especially as a breakfast food.

I recently was introduced to this by a friend, and yes! It is delicious but a tad bit too sweet. I can only fathom a few bites of it at one time.


Smores is my favourite!
Is it really a healthy breakfast meal? Hmmmm… too much sugar…. ooo definitely not! I’m surprised because Kellogg’s brand usually carry products which are relatively high in protein, low sugar and low fat. Hmmm…oh well…

Only certain shops here in KL carry this (probably that’s why I don’t know about it). Try it!

My current favourite brunch place

This is another of my favourite brunch place – Touche in Section 17. I go there after Mass on Sundays.. and have been there a few times now since Chinese New Year.
What I like is the cooling environment, and that it is easy to get a parking space. Not too crowded.

Big big breakfast set.
big big breakfast @ touche

Croissant with bacon strips.
big big breakfast @ touche

This was their Charcoal burger. I had this because that day when we went to celebrate my Sister’s birthday, we were late (past 11am) and they stop serving breakfast sets. Anyway, no regrets. Though I must caution that their lamb chops (Dad had it) was not so good. Their meat choice was too tough and too much bone.

My absolute favourite pastry is… Touche
I don’t know what they call this, but it’s lots of nuts with caramel on a very crispy filo pastry. Yum !!! Cannot have enough of this. Two mouthfulls and it’s gone.

I’ve always like cheese and mushroom. Decided to try this bread. Not too bad.

Ok, now I sound like I’m making a review of this place. Not intentionally, but if it brings good customers to this place, no harm. 🙂

Japanese food

Hello all, lately, with Chinese New Year and birthdays celebrations, I’ve been eating out a lot. I’ve noticed a trend… me and my family and friends will frequent the same restaurants the moment we decided we like that place. It will go on for months, until we find another restaurant we like.

Recently, we have been going to this Japanese restaurant in Isetan called Tonkatsu. All their main dishes are fried stuff (which I love), and pork mostly (which i loveeeeeeee).

These are photos of our first visit. The porks comes in a couple of sizes (by weight) and there are two types of pork – fillet or loin. Fillet is lean meat. Loin has a layer of oil. I like the loin, it’s not to dry to eat. The black sauce is miso paste (bean paste).


These are photos of our second visit… because I realised I didn’t take photos of the multi grain rice and miso soup. The miso soups is super delicious, can be slight salty but it was absolutely delicious. It is red miso soup with pork. There were mushroom and herbs in them too.

japanese soup & mix grain rice

japanese soup & mix grain rice

The miso soup was what inspired this homecooked miso soup dish.
Homecooked miso soup & potato dish

We visited the restaurant a third time within these 2 months, and I brought my Parents along. Unfortunately, it was not their cup of tea. Haha… but nevertheless I had a great dinner!