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Hello all, lately, with Chinese New Year and birthdays celebrations, I’ve been eating out a lot. I’ve noticed a trend… me and my family and friends will frequent the same restaurants the moment we decided we like that place. It will go on for months, until we find another restaurant we like.

Recently, we have been going to this Japanese restaurant in Isetan called Tonkatsu. All their main dishes are fried stuff (which I love), and pork mostly (which i loveeeeeeee).

These are photos of our first visit. The porks comes in a couple of sizes (by weight) and there are two types of pork – fillet or loin. Fillet is lean meat. Loin has a layer of oil. I like the loin, it’s not to dry to eat. The black sauce is miso paste (bean paste).


These are photos of our second visit… because I realised I didn’t take photos of the multi grain rice and miso soup. The miso soups is super delicious, can be slight salty but it was absolutely delicious. It is red miso soup with pork. There were mushroom and herbs in them too.

japanese soup & mix grain rice

japanese soup & mix grain rice

The miso soup was what inspired this homecooked miso soup dish.
Homecooked miso soup & potato dish

We visited the restaurant a third time within these 2 months, and I brought my Parents along. Unfortunately, it was not their cup of tea. Haha… but nevertheless I had a great dinner!

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