Bear Paw Dog Paw

Scout’s paw 🙂

Last weekend, I went to this cafe called Bear Paw Cafe. It’s one of those Taiwanese inspired kinda cafes (except this one don’t serve pork, because in my experience Taiwanese restaurants always specialised in pork dishes).
What I liked most is their bread. It’s soft because it is made using rice flour (the “pau” type) and steamed.

bear paw

The bread is shaped like a paw with a paw print on top.

bear paw

There are some choices of fillings and sauces, and even what the bread is made of (flavours added into the rice flour) like pumpkin, brown sugar, milk, etc.

I had Hawaiian Chicken (recommended by the server), of which the chicken was fried, oozing hot, crispy and dripping with thousand island sauce. Added on a piece of pineapple, but the server forgot to add it in (bad first impression hah!). The bread was brown sugar flavored. Overall nice.

bear paw

They serve those teas+fruit combination drinks, again Taiwanese inspired, which is very common in Klang Valley area these days. I didn’t like my Lemon Oolong tea. Too sweet and too sour at the same time >_<

This satisfied my urge to try this “burger”. Read some reviews online and most said it’s a must try, so I did. It’s worth a try, whether or not you will go back again it’s up to you. I might when I feel like having bread.. burger.. hmmm… would be better if they served pork!

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