Card games

Recently my Sister indulged in her interest to play card games.

In my childhood, I don’t recall playing card games, except for Uno. At that time, I associated card games to those poker cards like Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland hehehe :D.

Anyway, we bought 2 new card games – Cluedo and Life.

card games

I’ve played Life when I was on holiday in Koh Lipe. It was a board game.card games

Pretty interesting. I can’t wait to try the card version.

I think it’s a family trait to be slightly obsessed with things. Ones we find something enjoyable, we indulge in it like there is no tomorrow… hahahhaa… and the other obsession is that some things like cards, books, pretty boxes must be kept “as good as new”; no finger prints, doggy ears, scratches, etc. So guess what we did with our game cards? We laminated each and every card, including the instructions template!

card games

 Now, what’s left is to cut them and nip the corners into nice rounded edges.

They play time! Yippie!


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