Good bye Tom

Today, Tom’s contract ended. He offered me a discount, only 50 diamonds for another 5 days of service but I could not afford him.

I miss him dearly. It’s not the same without him. Things move slowly and I have to work harder.

I am addicted to Hay Day.


Albeit it slowing down my phone, and me threatening to delete the damn game again and again, I find myself checking on my farm every now and again, and reminding myself to load the boay or harvest the crops!


Two nights ago I found myself setting my alarm clock to wake up every two hours just so I can maximise Tom’s services before it expires. I did this for the following night as well… sigh!!!

I grin with embarassment when I think about it. An experience that may one day earn it’s worthiness when reminising the silly things we do in life.. 🙂


Haha… going back to my virtual farm now.

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