Articles from May 2016

Mr Mushroom Head

His name given by his creator (author of the pattern) is Toadstool Paul, but I like to call him Mr Mushroom Head. Isn’t he charming 🙂 He is still available, and looking for a home. Anyone? Mr Mushroom Head measures about 33cm tall, and he is made of 100% acrylic

another vlad…

Vampires seems to be the trend. I enjoy making this one. It was a quick project. This one, no modification, followed exactly as per pattern. Size approximately 38-39cm tall, using 100% 8ply acrylic yarn, but this yarn is silky soft acrylic, hence the texture is finer, thus doll turn out

purple vlad

I’m so loving this Vlad the Vampire. He is made of 100% acrylic yarn, using hook size 4.0. It was a pleasant surprise when he turned out larger than indicated in the pattern. I added a little extra to the pattern by crocheting a belt around his waist.   I

Loving mommy

Another custom made doll. Kira the Kanga in purple-yellow. Pattern by lalylala, crochet by yours truly (me!!!!). I’m loving the pastel mixed color. Although some may say it’s not that appealing. But it is indeed pretty. Made with 100% acrylic yarn, 8 ply. Kira is such a loving Mama.  


Hello friends, i’m starting to blog here again. Life have been pretty crazy these past 2 years, with all the hoo hahs that has been happening around me. But it’s okay, I take it in with a stride and that makes me into a stronger person. I’ve been crazy about amigurumi since a few