Shrink plastic

I bought some shrink plastic from Daiso when I went to Japan in Oct. Daiso in Malaysia may have it but it’s almost double the price when compared to Japan.

I didn’t have time to make anything out of it in Oct so I left it for the next time I went back to KL. I.e. now! It needs a toaster oven to shrink it and I don’t have one in KK, and my other craft odds and ends needed for this project is in KL. So I could only do it when I’m back in KL.

Anyway, this project is pretty easy. And you don’t have to be an artist to do it. I’m terrible at drawing, so I printed out some cute pictures from the internet and traced them.

Here’s a pikachu one that I traced. I got it from Google image search.

After toasting it in the oven for a few seconds, it shrank down about 4 to 5 times from its original size and became much thicker. You can see it in the photo below.

If you ever do this, remember to punch or cut it properly before you shrink it down. Tip: If you find that its not flat, put in in between a thick book and press down. Use baking paper to protect your book – the colours may transfer.

I initially planned to use them as key a chains but then decided to use them as unique luggage tags. I put a ribbon through the hole of my “tags” and use them to mark my luggage. It’s quite sturdy and survived being checked in.

I have plans in future to make name tags for my dogs. And also personalized key chains – need to get the chains and rings first.

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