Confetti Soap

My sister recently asked me for a charcoal face soap. I felt that a plain black soap was rather boring. Then I remembered that I had a batch of soap that did not turn out so well…

Actually, the soap itself was great. It was made from oils like sweet almond , Shea butter and coconut, giving it skin loving qualities and good cleansing power. However, it was suppose to be piped soap. But it got too hard too soon! So I had to press it into a mold. Which made it look not so pretty.

So anyway, I decided to shred it / grate it up. And I made a confetti soap! The confetti was scented with Sakura fragrance, which in hindsight, could have been the reason for the soap hardening up too soon. This Sakura fragrance tends to speed up trace everytime I use it (Must remember next time!).

On the top of the soap, I put a white layer, without confetti. And I also made a slightly textured top, decorated with some charcoal soap batter. I just love the way soap tops look. Reminds me of paper marbling. I’m digressing but, one day, I’m going to attempt a peacock swirl…

This is how it looks like inside. My confetti is pastel blue and pastel pink. It’s not so obvious from the photo because I have seriously bad lighting in the dining room where I cut my soap.

This is also the first time I’m using my new soap cutter. I love how it gives me nice clean cuts. It also helps that this soap is made with a lot of hard oils. So it hardens fast.

Overall, I’m happy with this soap. Turned out like what I imagined it would be.

I still have a lot of the confetti part left. I’m going to have to think what I’m going to do with it!

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