An experiment in making foaming whipped soap

I love bath products. That was one of the reasons why I got into making soap.

So, recently I saw some posts on YouTube on foaming whipped soaps. Now, I haven’t seen these in the normal shops that I would usually get soap like Guardian, Watson’s, Giant, etc. I’m pretty if I were to go into the more premium shops, I would be able to find them. But why buy something when you can make it right?

So I did my research, and finally found a great recipe that I could try. I was so eagar to start making it but then I had to wait for my raw ingredients to arrive from West Malaysia!

Finally, after Good Friday and the Easter holidays, my items arrived! And so I made my first foaming whipped soap base ❤❤❤

This soap base can actually be used as is. But where’s the fun in that…

So now it was time to make the actual foaming whipped soap. I added in all the skin loving additives, yummy fragrance and pretty colour. And then I have my pretty foaming whipped soap.

The pale orange darkened a few shades after a few days. But the light and smooth texture stayed.

This soap is very gentle and is suitable for face and body. I’ve given most of them away to my faithful testers and kept only 1 bottle for myself.

Must make more soon!

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