All about the Avocado Coffee Scrub Soap

Last Saturday, my parents went back to KL after an eventful visit. My mom’s bag was a tiny bit too full, so she gave me the 2 ripe avocados that she wanted to bring with her. It’s totally organic and home grown by one of my cousin.

So I said, hey, I should make soap with it. Together with this, I also wanted to try out the new scent I got from SoapLab which was specifically for a coffee scrub soap which I had been planning for a while now.

Me, being me, decided, ok, make a coffee scrub but with the avocado puree, instead of 2 different soaps. So I got out my tools and ingredients and got working.

I had to wait a few days before I could unmold it because I did not have a water discount. It was still sticky after 2 days. At 3 days, i.e. the day I cut it, it was still a bit sticky but overall good. Dry enough that there are no drag marks when I cut into it.

You can see here that the sides are darker. I think that eventually the whole bar will darken to the same colour. I’ll just have wait and see.

This soap is scented with Cappuccino fragrance oil from SoapLab. However, I don’t smell the coffee, I get more of a cinnamon and sugar scent. A real sweet smell. I was hoping for a really strong coffee scent. But that’s the thing about getting fragrances online. You can’t smell the real product until you buy it and it’s in your hands. In any case, I am pretty happy with the fragrance because it didn’t rice up my soap batter.

Approximately 5 weeks till this soap is ready. Can’t wait to try out the scrubbiness.

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