More foaming whipped soap

I’m in love with foaming whipped soap. It bubbles up really nicely, cleans without drying and is easy to wash away.

This morning I woke up early and made another batch of the foaming bath base.

It takes some patience as this goes over a double boiler. Constant monitoring is a must or you’ll find it bubbling and spewing soap everywhere. Also, the ingredients are not cheap, so I didn’t want to risk it burning… So I watched it closely.

Once it’s done, I packed it into a sterilised container so that it can cool down properly (and cleanly!). I use what I make, so people that also use my product can be assured that I don’t cut corners when it comes to hygiene and quality.

I left it to cool while I ran some errands. My car tyre had a puncture so I had to get it repaired. I was lucky enough that there was someone to help me change the tyre yesterday. I wouldn’t know how to do it myself.

Anyway, by 3pm, the base was cool and had hardened to a thick paste. It was then ready to be used. I made 3 different types of whipped soap today using Lavender essential oil in 2 of it and 1 using rose fragrance.

For the lavender EO soaps, one was a sugar scrub and the other was just plain foaming whipped soap. The smell of the lavender EO is fabulous. I use New Directions essential oils and I love them.

The rose scented soap really reminded me of ‘sirap ais’ drink. Mostly because it was really warm today. I must have been craving for a cold sweet drink. 😊

The rose smells lovely to me. Not overly powering or too powdery. Of course, fragrances and scents are very personal and different people may have different reactions.

This time, I packed the soaps into small jars as testers. I want to give them to some friends and family members to test and to get their feedback. I kept some for myself too 😉.

It was really great to try out the sugar scrub just now. The sugar gave a good exfoliation without being too rough. My soaps have added glycerin and sweet almond oil. The glycerin acts as a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin. Sweet almond oil is good for the skin and does not clog pores. Which is great for my face.

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