More unicorns

Pretty little things… The purple and pink one are pre-orders. The green one is still available for sale.

Hook size 3mm, same type of yarn… But wonder why the purple unicorn is somewhat larger? When I compare the yarn, seems that the purple yarn is “rougher”.. Therefore slightly bulkier. Must be the colour dye or just manufacturing batch. Anyhow, the dolls are all equally pretty. I hope their owners will love them!

Sweet faces close up.

Happy Friday the 13th..

This made my day.

It’s a huge >10kg parcel from my yarn supplier. Been waiting for it to arrive for more than 1 month. Sea shipping because it’s more economical. But overall, since I moved to Miri, I have been paying exorbitant shipping rates. This cost me RM 260 in sea shipping, while previously when shipped to KL, it would only cost me RM 60. So now my cost would increase accordingly as well, not something I too pleased with 😕

But anyways… It came timely, on a Friday which means I can spend my weekend working on these yarns!!!!

Enjoy viewing my stash, fresh out of the box.