Articles by whimsyloft

emeralds and siams

I simply love customers which allow me the flexibility to mix and match crystals. 7 Sorrow Rosary, using emerald AB with clear crystals slot in between. The Our Father bead is crysolite. I enjoyed making this. This one is a red red rosary. Siam red. Lovely colour. Matched with a

first aid kit

I was inspired by this tutorial from A Spoonful Of Sugar… with improvised variations. Nevertheless I love her cute and very useful pouch idea; and I’ve been wanting to make a first aid kit for my home but haven’t really got to it until now. I wanted something quick to

looky a cap!

A special request, for a special person. A almost 2 month old baby. Babies have such tiny heads! Only 14 inches circumference… And it’s made from this tutorial. THANK YOU Eddie’s Mommy for this tutorial! I added a pop button to clip up the duck tongue like this. I’m glad

Bubu softtoy

Bubu is the nickname we call our turtle. He (well we don’t really know if it’sĀ  He or She… but lets assume it’s a He) walked into our house one day a couple of years back. Scout found him. Scout was hopping all around Bubu and we manage to “save”