Happy Friday the 13th..

This made my day.

It’s a huge >10kg parcel from my yarn supplier. Been waiting for it to arrive for more than 1 month. Sea shipping because it’s more economical. But overall, since I moved to Miri, I have been paying exorbitant shipping rates. This cost me RM 260 in sea shipping, while previously when shipped to KL, it would only cost me RM 60. So now my cost would increase accordingly as well, not something I too pleased with 😕

But anyways… It came timely, on a Friday which means I can spend my weekend working on these yarns!!!!

Enjoy viewing my stash, fresh out of the box.

Yarns at Spotlight

Hello Friends! Hello Blog!

Finally Spotlight is in Malaysia! And finally I got my lazy ass up (and a driver) and arrived there safely. It’s located in my city KL, but in an area I’m not familiar with and on normal days I wouldn’t even think of going to that area. But it’s not too far, just around 30 km from my home.

I was excited to see what sort of yarns they have and how much they cost. Headed straight to the yarn section. Oh no… actually the first thing I did was to apply for membership. That way I can enjoy the member’s discount. I am already a member of Spotlight Singapore, but the card is not valid in Malaysia. After that, my shopping basket got filled up with yarns in no time! That was the only things I bought in Spotlight.


Overall, I would say the yarns are pretty and there are a variety of selection. I always prefer cotton or cotton blend. They look nice, feels good and is cooling when made into apparels. But I do go for acrylic, as they are much much cheaper. I am particular about the acrylic yarns I choose, as some frays easily or is too rough.

The ones I found in Spotlight is my current favourite. Not only they have sizes, the quality is good. Price is good at the discouted rate (only RM6-7 for a skien of 280m 8ply).


I hope the discounted price last forever!!!!!! If without discount, I would say it’s a tad bit expensive and I’d be more calculative when throwing skeins after skeins into my shopping basket. Let’s all keep our fingers cross that Spotlight never ever stop giving discounts!!!

This is what I bought last week. My latest treasure.



1/3 of these belongs to my sister, she wants to make a blanket and a scarf.

For me, I am thinking a shawl, some bags and a blouse (the red yarn, they are cotton+acrylic).


Well, to date (only after a week) I have completed a shawl, a chevron bag and a chevron purse for my tablet. I will post some photos in my later post. Bye for now.