Sunday lunch

I’ve been craving for Korean BBQ for the longest time.

Where I live, there are a few well known Korean BBQ restaurants which are good. Oneof them is this shop called Korean House in SS2. That’s where we went.

I love the kimchi soup there, not too spicy, and enough sourness in it.

I particularly look forward to their side dishes (banchan, ??).
Korean restaurants are so generous with banchan, they keep refilling them for free. It’s a culture thing. Love the kimchi, and the lotus roots especially. And so colourful.

And they always serve either some pancake or steam egg dish,  and they will say it’s their complimentary dish. We got the steam egg this round.

This dish – kimchi rice cake, is a must try. Expensive dish RM30 for a plate with no meat (just fish cakes), but it’s something different. I usually don’t order this but decided to have it this round. Super delicious as I was super hungry, but my personal preference would be to have it slightly more spicy!

Here are the bbq dishes.

and pork.

By far this is one of the Korean restaurant I know that serves bbq duck. This one that came was overcooked! It would have been fantastic if it was done medium rare.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal so much and we even had some leftovers for my friend’s dog Jacky!

Bear Paw Dog Paw

Scout’s paw 🙂

Last weekend, I went to this cafe called Bear Paw Cafe. It’s one of those Taiwanese inspired kinda cafes (except this one don’t serve pork, because in my experience Taiwanese restaurants always specialised in pork dishes).
What I liked most is their bread. It’s soft because it is made using rice flour (the “pau” type) and steamed.

bear paw

The bread is shaped like a paw with a paw print on top.

bear paw

There are some choices of fillings and sauces, and even what the bread is made of (flavours added into the rice flour) like pumpkin, brown sugar, milk, etc.

I had Hawaiian Chicken (recommended by the server), of which the chicken was fried, oozing hot, crispy and dripping with thousand island sauce. Added on a piece of pineapple, but the server forgot to add it in (bad first impression hah!). The bread was brown sugar flavored. Overall nice.

bear paw

They serve those teas+fruit combination drinks, again Taiwanese inspired, which is very common in Klang Valley area these days. I didn’t like my Lemon Oolong tea. Too sweet and too sour at the same time >_<

This satisfied my urge to try this “burger”. Read some reviews online and most said it’s a must try, so I did. It’s worth a try, whether or not you will go back again it’s up to you. I might when I feel like having bread.. burger.. hmmm… would be better if they served pork!

My current favourite brunch place

This is another of my favourite brunch place – Touche in Section 17. I go there after Mass on Sundays.. and have been there a few times now since Chinese New Year.
What I like is the cooling environment, and that it is easy to get a parking space. Not too crowded.

Big big breakfast set.
big big breakfast @ touche

Croissant with bacon strips.
big big breakfast @ touche

This was their Charcoal burger. I had this because that day when we went to celebrate my Sister’s birthday, we were late (past 11am) and they stop serving breakfast sets. Anyway, no regrets. Though I must caution that their lamb chops (Dad had it) was not so good. Their meat choice was too tough and too much bone.

My absolute favourite pastry is… Touche
I don’t know what they call this, but it’s lots of nuts with caramel on a very crispy filo pastry. Yum !!! Cannot have enough of this. Two mouthfulls and it’s gone.

I’ve always like cheese and mushroom. Decided to try this bread. Not too bad.

Ok, now I sound like I’m making a review of this place. Not intentionally, but if it brings good customers to this place, no harm. 🙂

Japanese food

Hello all, lately, with Chinese New Year and birthdays celebrations, I’ve been eating out a lot. I’ve noticed a trend… me and my family and friends will frequent the same restaurants the moment we decided we like that place. It will go on for months, until we find another restaurant we like.

Recently, we have been going to this Japanese restaurant in Isetan called Tonkatsu. All their main dishes are fried stuff (which I love), and pork mostly (which i loveeeeeeee).

These are photos of our first visit. The porks comes in a couple of sizes (by weight) and there are two types of pork – fillet or loin. Fillet is lean meat. Loin has a layer of oil. I like the loin, it’s not to dry to eat. The black sauce is miso paste (bean paste).


These are photos of our second visit… because I realised I didn’t take photos of the multi grain rice and miso soup. The miso soups is super delicious, can be slight salty but it was absolutely delicious. It is red miso soup with pork. There were mushroom and herbs in them too.

japanese soup & mix grain rice

japanese soup & mix grain rice

The miso soup was what inspired this homecooked miso soup dish.
Homecooked miso soup & potato dish

We visited the restaurant a third time within these 2 months, and I brought my Parents along. Unfortunately, it was not their cup of tea. Haha… but nevertheless I had a great dinner!

it’s all stress induced

My recent food finds…

Yummy pizza from Canadian Pizza. They are both vegetarian, since we had it on a Friday. One is cheesy something, i can’t remember. The other is the mushroom something, i can’t remember also 😛
canadian pizza

This is my late night rendezvous last Friday at Secret Recipe, while waiting to pick my cousin up from Sentral. Strawberry chocolate cake.
strawberry choco secret recipe

And this was my dinner on one of the days last week. Japanese set at Sakae. Lovely!
saba fish & soft shell crab - sakae curve

I realised these are all stress induced. One more thing… I forgot to mention in my giveaway winner post yesterday was…. who won which prize…

So here it is:
Snoodles – Laundry
jmniffer – Ice cream
Laura Pearce – animal


Happy Easter!

I hope it is not too late to wish you a very Happy and Blessed Easter.
Easter candles 2012

I have been MIA (missing in action) lately, due to work commitments and just being brain dead after that.

I have been continuing with my “spring cleaning” though, albeit not as I planned i.e. one thing a day. I spent last Wednesday and half of Thursday (yesterday) cleaning the whole day away. It was to catch up after lasping for a few days (notice I stopped after ‘day 3’). I must say I’m proud of myself, I so many things done, among them is getting my craft cupboard tidied up, and the stationery drawer cleaned! The room looks neat and spacious now! Yay!

Anyway, I wanted to show you these really wonderful food we had for our Easter lunch.

pork chop!
grilled pork chop

chilli pork burger!!
pork burger with gambas and chilli

day 3 of spring cleaning

It’s almost 4.30pm and I’m just going to start my day 3 of spring cleaning. It’s been a busy day. I don’t even know why I call it a “spring” cleaning seeing that there is no Spring in Malaysia. It’s hot and humid all year round. We don’t have 4 seasons. We perhaps can say we have rainy season and not rainy season.

Some time in the year are much more wetter than other, while some time in the year can be slightly cooler than other time, the temperature ranges from 28 to 38 degree celcius. But don’t get me wrong, 28 degree celcius is still very warm (and humid)! It’s not like in Holland or Scotland where 28 degree celcius you can still be shiver without a light windbreaker.

Anyway, I have a secret. Actually I have a few secrets. I can’t share now because it is a secret… but I will soon. It’s some things I am making. Soon.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with this…

Mango Salad:
mango salad

Pork + beef burger (it’s named Aussie burger):
aussie pork burger

This is from a shop named Andes (I think!) located in Aman Suria. More info soon.. as I plan to visit them again after Easter!

Seafood again…

Last Sunday, we went to Pantai Seafood again.

This time, it was for my Sister’s birthday dinner. She’s been dying to go there, and we have postponed this dinner for as long as it took for us to get over our fever in the previous week. It’s always the case, we like to go to the same restaurant when we know the food is good.

Something silly happened during this dinner. We ordered roast pork leg. It was huge! And with the amount of dishes we ordered (just for 4 persons) we obviously cannot finish the pork leg. Planned to tapau (pack) home half of the pork leg… so we nicely rationed it and put aside. Then we ask the waiter (who is a foreigner from Myanmar) to pack it up for us to takeaway. Sis spoke to him in English. He nodded. Mom repeated in Malay. He nodded. I repeated in Cantonese. He nodded. Then he brought the plate to his colleugue and they spoke. We couldn’t hear what they were speaking. Naturally, we assume some discussion between them, perhaps how to pack the meat up? :P… Then he brought the plate to the kitchen. After 5 minutes… 10 minutes… 15 minutes… our pork leg is not back! So Sis enquired. He gave us an apologetic face and looks slightly shocked. That was when we found out, he threw the pork away!!!!! He actually thought we ask him to throw the pork instead of asking him to pack it up! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!

I was completely speechless. Obviously there was a slight commotion at our table then. His colleugue came and explained to us that he didn’t understand what we requested, and was slightly shocked when he was asked to “throw the pork away”. Can you imagine that? The colleugue also stupid isn’t it? And is was a local Chinese lady who obviously did not have language issues. Dad was quite forgiving, because he did not want the restaurant to penalise the waiter and ask the waiter to compensate back (they do earn very little)… but I wasn’t that forgiving. I didn’t want to or expect the waiter to be penalised, but I just cannot comprehend the stupidity of a person. Mistakes yes, can be forgiven. But stupidity???!!!! Arrrggggggggg!!!!!

I mean, I understand that he is a foreign worker. I understand his command of our local language (Malay, or even Cantonese or English) is poor. Fyi, all foreign workers in restaurants and coffee shops in Malaysia learn and are very fluent in Malay or Cantonese. And as customers we are not obligated to speak to them in their local language Myanmar which is very foreign to us.

So anyway, what I cannot comprehend was that if he did not understand us, he should ask again and again until he is sure he knows what we want. He should ask his colleugue to help ask us. His colleugue (that Chinese lady) should have reconfirm with us. I mean why would anyone ask to throw good food away?! Wouldn’t that have sparked curiousity to enquire again? Pure stupidity!

So yada yada… his supervisor came and apologised, and they deducted RM15 from our bill (which was for the vegetables), and gave us a voucher for free Tilapia fish on our next visit. All those did not even equal to the cost of the pork which was thrown away. The pork leg cost RM48, of which we only ate 1/3 of.

OK. So now that I have vented… here’s some photos of the food we ordered. And NO, I did not have a photo of the pork leg. It was the only dish I did not take a photo of.

Shrimp in Chinese wine soup:
Shrimps in wine soup
A very nice dish. By the way the shrimps in this restaurant is very very fresh!

One side braised, one side friend Kai Lan vegetable:
Deep fried + braised kailan
This was the dish they gave us for “free” to compensate the pork leg.

Fried taufu with otak-otak:
Otak-otak taufu
This is their signature taufu dish. Very nice.

Besides these dishes, we also had our favourite Salted Egg Crabs and Nestum Squid.

To be honest, all the dishes we ordered from this restaurant is delicious. Price wise, reasonable. I would go back there again, despite the silly encounter. Just be careful the next time you ask to takeaway leftovers!

Here is the link to the restaurant site.

Satay satay Kajang

I went to Kajang twice this month. Haven’t been there for so long, and yes it is an area not familiar to me. It takes 45 minutes drive (I consider that far from where I live) without traffic jam.

Kajang is a small town famous for it’s Satay. It is said that there are 2 original satay shop there, one by the Malays, the other Chinese. The Malay satay is something I am very familiar with because they have many branches; one of them happen to be very near my home – It’s called Sate Haji Samuri. As for the Chinese one, they only have one shop and that is this one located in Kajang. I remember as a kid, my parents brought me there ones… and that was it.

So naturally, when I was in Kajang, I just had to go makan (eat) in this shop.

It’s called Restoran Malaysia / Nyok Lan Kajang Satay.
Satay Kajang

They have quite a bit of choices of meat.Satay Kajang

Usually the most satay stalls have only chicken and beef. Only one stall I came accross in SS2 hawker area, that has pork. This one don’t serve pork, but they have other meat like fish and duck, which to me is not common at all for satays. Anyway, we did not order the “uncommon” meat, because frankly I don’t think fish will taste good as a satay, and my family members don’t take duck (except me).

So, we ordered mutton.
Satay Kajang

And chicken.

And beef.
Satay Kajang

The meats are succulent and tender, especially the beef.

Ketupat (rice cake).
Side dishes onions and cucumber.
Satay Kajang

Overall, the peanut sauce is nice, but slightly diluted for my taste. I prefer it thicker. The sambal (chilli) is very very spicy; I had to ask for more peanut sauce!

I enjoyed the meal.

I googled, and got their address:
No 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone # : 603-8733 1160
Opens from 11am until midnight.

Seafood, I cannot resist

I’m a sucker for seafood, especially crabs (and prawns, and oysters, and clams, and squids… )… you get my point, I LOVE SEAFOOD. The end.


No end until I show you these beautiful dishes I had 2 weekends ago.

We went to Pantai Seafood.
Pantai Seafood

Believe it or not it was the first time I went to this restaurant. And it is so bloody near my home, and I don’t even know about it!

Squid!!!!! Cooked with oatmeal.
Pantai Seafood - squid

Yes, I know it was Lent, still is… but since my cousin is here, he who purposely made a detour back to Malaysia during his business trip, just to satisfy his gastronomy cravings for seafood {Chinese Malaysian style of course}… how can I say NO right?

Salted Eggs Crabs:
Pantai Seafood -salted egg crabs

Chilli Crabs:
Pantai Seafood - chilli crabs

Not too bad, the crabs was $48/kg. Price is average I would say.

Say “Hello” to Mrs Crabby’s innards 😛 hehehe…
Pantai Seafood - crab

Prawns!!!! In butter sauce… my most favourite dish!
Pantai Seafood - butter prawns

Only $24 for 9 huge prawns. When I say huge, I meant my palm size (and I have huge palms!)… succulent! Juicy! Fresh! I WANT MORE !!!!

So, anyone interested to go makan (eat) with me? Let’s make a date.