Japanese food

Hello all, lately, with Chinese New Year and birthdays celebrations, I’ve been eating out a lot. I’ve noticed a trend… me and my family and friends will frequent the same restaurants the moment we decided we like that place. It will go on for months, until we find another restaurant we like.

Recently, we have been going to this Japanese restaurant in Isetan called Tonkatsu. All their main dishes are fried stuff (which I love), and pork mostly (which i loveeeeeeee).

These are photos of our first visit. The porks comes in a couple of sizes (by weight) and there are two types of pork – fillet or loin. Fillet is lean meat. Loin has a layer of oil. I like the loin, it’s not to dry to eat. The black sauce is miso paste (bean paste).


These are photos of our second visit… because I realised I didn’t take photos of the multi grain rice and miso soup. The miso soups is super delicious, can be slight salty but it was absolutely delicious. It is red miso soup with pork. There were mushroom and herbs in them too.

japanese soup & mix grain rice

japanese soup & mix grain rice

The miso soup was what inspired this homecooked miso soup dish.
Homecooked miso soup & potato dish

We visited the restaurant a third time within these 2 months, and I brought my Parents along. Unfortunately, it was not their cup of tea. Haha… but nevertheless I had a great dinner!

Cooking mode – Chick-kut-teh

I am into my cooking mode. All I can think about is to cook different dishes of yummie Asian (mainly Chinese-Nyonya) food.

Yesterday was soup day, and I made Chick-kut-teh. Originally it is called Bak-kut-teh (pork bone tea soup) and cooked with pork meat. However, because I don’t have pork at home, I used chicken meat instead, hence Chick-kut-teh. Yes, I used a pre-mixed as the soup base *guilty*, but added additional spices like dang gui (angelica sinesis), goji berries, mushroom, etc. to ummph up the taste.


Today, if I get home early from work, I will make a potato dish!

hello churros!

My last post was slightly more than a week ago.

Not much of sewing was done – just one (will share later), but I manage to do quite a lot of cooking. I made Assam (Tamarind) Prawns just 2 days ago, but I don’t have a photo for it. Was too excited to dig in and wallop the prawns 😛 Yesterday I made Wholemeal pancakes. Also no photos. 🙁

This morning, I decided to make Churros for breakfast. Recipe from here. I saw it on AFC (Asian Food Channel) and it looked easy enough to make.

Turned out good ! Slightly on the sweet side which I don’t prefer, but overall it is yummy!

home made churros1

My Churros turned out VERY crispy because I use a very small piping tip – which is the only one I had.

home made churros

Oh ya, there this Sew Mama Sew Giveway happening on 21st of May, and I have decided to join! You can read more about it here and maybe decide to join too?

Ok, have a great day. I’ll be back later today (hopefully) to blog about my new space at home.

Unleaven bread

Last weekend, Mom baked some unleaven bread for her Seder Meal. It was a great event! And the bread tastes yummylicious! ^^
unleaven bread

This week is the Holy Week… Easter is coming!!! For me, it is a week of making changes.

I will start by cleaning out my room, repainting the walls, and rearranging my crafting loft. There is a lot of cleaning to do. All the messiness has accummulated for one year now.
unleaven bread

It will take some time because there is really really a lot of mess, and I need to balance this with my day job. I really don’t have much time in hand. I’m embarrass to even show the “before” photo hehe… but I will definitely show the “after” photo ^^. Well, this will be in my agenda for this week.

Meanwhile, lunch is in the making. These vegetable are just so colourful !

colour vege

I’m off to fry some rice with vegetables now.

Seder Meal – Charoset making

Mom is preparing a Seder Meal for our church RCIA group. Easter is coming ! We’re almost ready to get a whole bunch of people Baptised!

The kitchen is in a mess… hehe… because Mom is making Charoset, also known as Haroset.

I love LOVE LOVE this Haroset.
I eat it like jam on bread, and sometimes with pork (just like we have meatballs with jam… the ones we find in Ikea).

It’s very easy to make.
Cook some cut apples, brown sugar, yellow and black raisin and cinamom in a pot. Add a cup of red wine if you like. We don’t add wine. It is fine.
charoset making

Ones soft and cooled down, throw them into a bleander to mash them up. Fold in some finely chopped almonds. There, it’s done!
charoset making

Here’s a photo with showing the finely chopped almonds:
charoset making

This link here shows the menu of a Seder Meal, which is very close to what Mom prepares every year.

Roti Jala and Curry Chicken

The focus here is the Roti Jala (Netted Crepe).
Roti Jala (Netted Crepe)
It’s my first time making this.

Here’s the recipe:

Flour, about 3-4 cups
3 Eggs
Milk about 3 cups
Pinch of salt
Pinch of tumeric powder for colour
Water about 2 cups

There’s really no measurement, I just mix everything and added flour till I get the consistency that I want. It should be slightly watery but not too watery, so that the batter will flow nicely from the mould to the pan.
If you want to know how a Roti Jala Mould looks like, just google it. It’s a yellow cup-like thing with 5 nozzles. Hehe…

I made my curry chicken really light and watery. The reason is to have lots and lots of curry sauce, which we can drink like soup. That’s how my family like to have their meal.
Curry Chicken

Everything is “banjir”. Banjir means flood in Malaysian language. We Nyonyas use this word to describe an eating habit that we like to pour lots and lots of sauce on our rice, to make it look like it is flooded.


Completely random and in manglish (malaysian-english).

I think most of you already know that google retired the Google Friends Connect for wordpress in Nov 2011, and in replacement created this thing Google+. So guess what yours truly here didn’t know about this until just a few weeks ago.

Yada yada yada… to cut the cerita (story) short… I lost all my network on my Google Friends Connect. See the box on the right of this site that says “my friends”… KOSONG!!!! (empty!!!)… my beratus-ratus kawans all lost… :((( don’t know where to find them back… macam mana oooo????

And because of that I created the FB pages lah… want to use the Google+ also don’t know if can trust or not… nanti kaput like the Google Friends Connect apa macam? So I think FB more stable and at least I know how to use it mah…

Google did say can import my network using API… but WHAT is API… api? fire? Ini yours truly mmg not savy in all this stuff so lantak lah I don’t want to try. Biar cam tu sj, I will use my FB to network.

So, this is what I made for dinner yesterday. Cinamon pork ribs (lots of sauce cos my family loves sauce, a true nyonya way of eating is to drench your rice in sauce! )Cinamon pork ribs

And okra in oyster sauce with lots of garlic.
Boiled Okra with oyster sauce

All that cooking done while I baked my Kuih Lapis (layered cake). Bila senang nnt I post the recipe for the cake. Yo people, good night!

Cook more, right?

I mentioned that one of my aspiration is to cook more right?

Well, yes! I’ve been on a Nyonya food rampage of late. Been cooking {authentic} Penang Nyonya food since 2 weeks ago; and stalking some Nyonya restaurants to try out their food in order to compare them to mine ^^

If you don’t know what Nyonya food is, please read here and here.

My paternal Grandma was a Nyonya from Penang, and most of the dishes I cooked is what she has either taught my Mother or myself.

Here’s some of the dishes I have cooked recently:

Ondek-ondek (Glutonous rice balls filled with palm sugar):

Ayam Pongteh (chicken in fermented bean paste sauce):
Nyonya ayam pongteh

Penang Assam Laksa (noodles in fish soup):
Penang assam laksa, homemade

Sambal babi (pork in chilli paste):
Nyonya pork rib sambal