Japanese food

Hello all, lately, with Chinese New Year and birthdays celebrations, I’ve been eating out a lot. I’ve noticed a trend… me and my family and friends will frequent the same restaurants the moment we decided we like that place. It will go on for months, until we find another restaurant

Unleaven bread

Last weekend, Mom baked some unleaven bread for her Seder Meal. It was a great event! And the bread tastes yummylicious! ^^ This week is the Holy Week… Easter is coming!!!¬†For me, it is a week of making changes. I will start by cleaning out my room, repainting the walls,


Completely random and in manglish (malaysian-english). I think most of you already know that google retired the Google Friends Connect for wordpress in Nov 2011, and in replacement created this thing Google+. So guess what yours truly here didn’t know about this until just a few weeks ago. Yada yada