Cakes cakes cakes

So the day is over. Our bazaar is over. My cakes sold like hot cakes! Within the first hour… woot! *happy happy* This was the “scene” in my kitchen last night. The layer cake I mentioned I was baking then… My sister said “macam factory” (like a factory) at work.

my first bread ^^

I’ve never baked bread before. I heard it takes hours and hours and all the kneeding and the yeast! 😛 But today, I decided to try baking bread BECAUSE… i wanted to, AND… i found a recipe which is… FAST NO kneeding (not much anyway!) NO yeast Very LITTLE ingredient

coconut oh coconut

Today, I did some baking using coconut. It started out with me wanting to eat something sweet with the grated coconut texture. Don’t ask me why? I can’t explain it. Then I remembered I scribbled this recipe I found online a few weeks ago. So… checked my pantry. Had all


I simply love them. Ritter Sport is one of my favourite chocolate brands. I bought these when I was visiting Germany last year end. Kept them like treasure in my fridge 😛 Finally, I had to eat them before they get expire. They are so affordable overseas… barely MYR5. In

Happy Easter!

I hope it is not too late to wish you a very Happy and Blessed Easter. I have been MIA (missing in action) lately, due to work commitments and just being brain dead after that. I have been continuing with my “spring cleaning” though, albeit not as I planned i.e.