Seder Meal – Charoset making

Mom is preparing a Seder Meal for our church RCIA group. Easter is coming ! We’re almost ready to get a whole bunch of people Baptised!

The kitchen is in a mess… hehe… because Mom is making Charoset, also known as Haroset.

I love LOVE LOVE this Haroset.
I eat it like jam on bread, and sometimes with pork (just like we have meatballs with jam… the ones we find in Ikea).

It’s very easy to make.
Cook some cut apples, brown sugar, yellow and black raisin and cinamom in a pot. Add a cup of red wine if you like. We don’t add wine. It is fine.
charoset making

Ones soft and cooled down, throw them into a bleander to mash them up. Fold in some finely chopped almonds. There, it’s done!
charoset making

Here’s a photo with showing the finely chopped almonds:
charoset making

This link here shows the menu of a Seder Meal, which is very close to what Mom prepares every year.

Weekend Wishes & A Banana Cake Recipe

My wish is for all of us to have a very good and happy weekend.

I wish that everyday is Sunday!

I wish I have more time in a day for everything, including work (although I always want to end my work day ASAP).

I wish everyone will share a smile with a stranger everyday.

I wish for a stop in animal abuse.

I wish I wish I wish I wish… for so many things… it’s a long long list.

Today, I made a very Moist Banana Choco Chip cake.
Moist banana choco chip cake

Here is my self-made recipe:

1.5 cups flour
2/3 cup fine sugar
1.5 tps baking powder
1 cup mashed bananas (I use pisang mas, approx 15 bananas)
1 egg
1/2 cup melted butter (salted)
1/4 cup milk
2 cups choco chips

1) Mix flour, sugar, baking powder in one bowl.
2) In another bowl, mix eggs, bananas, butter and milk. Stir them well.
3) Pour mixture 2 into flour mixture. Fold them in slowly, not too much. Lastly, mix in choco chips.
4) At the same time, preheat oven to 180 celcius. Grease your baking pan.
5) Bake the cake for 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into cake.

In my over ambitious efford to make this cake really REALLY moist, I baked it in a pan of water. Over ambitious. It wasn’t necessary. 😉

Horlick Flavour Layered Cake (Kek Lapis) – Recipe

Last Saturday I made layer cake, ala Sarawak.

For many years I’ve been eating those layered cakes made by my Aunts from Sarawak, or from my Sarawakian friends, or even buy them commercially. They are very expensive cake, because firstly it is very rich – a lot of egg yolks only are used (can go up to 10-20 yolks for a 9″x9″ cake), plus it takes a lot of patience and time to bake/steam this cake.

Basically, I use the recipe of a Kek Kukus Lapis Jagung (Steam Corn Layer Cake) from this book named Steam Cake, recipe by Zubaidah Chepa, published by One Publisher.

I half the recipe, and made quite a few improvision. And yes, I use whole eggs. So technically my cake is a normal flavoured butter cake, but it is made in layers. Hehehe…

Here’s the improvised recipe:

120g wheat flour
60g sugar (i use 50g)
5 eggs (medium size)
250g condensed milk
225g butter
1 pinch salt
100g Horlicks (for flavour)

Very important preparation for layer cake:
* steaming is better than baking, but if you have to bake in over (like I did), then off the heat at the bottom (use grill function). If you don’t have the grill function (like I don’t), then double bake the cake in water. This is so that the bottom layer don’t get burn/dry.

* important to heat the baking pan before putting on the first layer; so that the cake will spread evenly and easily.

* press press press before putting on a new layer of batter to remove access air so that the layers are nicely compressed.

1) Preheat oven to 240c. Put in a pan of water while preheating to warm up water.
2) While preheating, beat sugar and butter together till fluffy.
3) Line your cake pan and heat up the pan in the oven.
4) Add eggs one by one while beating at high speed.

kuih lapis horlicks 1

5) Add condensed milk, then sifted flour and horlicks, also while beating the batter.
6) Batter done. Now, portion the batter into equal sizes for each layer. I did the lazy way, just use a spoon to agak-agak (estimate) portion.
7) Pour a thin layer only the heated pan – first layer.

kuih lapis horlicks 2

8) Put pan in the heated water pan (like double boiling) and bake for 10 minutes until the top is golden.
9) Remove from oven, press the cake to remove the air.
10) Repeat step 7-9 until batter finishes.

Tada !!!!
kuih lapis horlicks 3

Yes, so my cake only have 5 layers. Because my layers are not thin enough, and because I made very little batter, and I feel that I could have compress the layers more. You should double the recipe and put thinner batter for each layer. That’s what I will do next round.

The cake is very moist and not so sweet. Just how I like it. Next time, I will put even lesser sugar, because the next day the cake taste sweeter than the day before.

Happy baking!