Fun & Games

hEy dEy

This is my horse. 
Handsome, arragont little fella!

He is hungry. “Where are my carrots?”

He sleeps after food.

My cows are lining up to be milked.

I’m a hayday addict!

Haha.. can’t wait to level up. Can’t wait to clear my orders.


Card games

Recently my Sister indulged in her interest to play card games. In my childhood, I don’t recall playing card games, except for Uno. At that time, I associated card games to those poker cards like Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland hehehe :D. Anyway, we bought 2 new card games

Good bye Tom

Today, Tom’s contract ended. He offered me a discount, only 50 diamonds for another 5 days of service but I could not afford him. I miss him dearly. It’s not the same without him. Things move slowly and I have to work harder. I am addicted to Hay Day. Albeit