Shrink plastic

I bought some shrink plastic from Daiso when I went to Japan in Oct. Daiso in Malaysia may have it but it’s almost double the price when compared to Japan.

I didn’t have time to make anything out of it in Oct so I left it for the next time I went back to KL. I.e. now! It needs a toaster oven to shrink it and I don’t have one in KK, and my other craft odds and ends needed for this project is in KL. So I could only do it when I’m back in KL.

Anyway, this project is pretty easy. And you don’t have to be an artist to do it. I’m terrible at drawing, so I printed out some cute pictures from the internet and traced them.

Here’s a pikachu one that I traced. I got it from Google image search.

After toasting it in the oven for a few seconds, it shrank down about 4 to 5 times from its original size and became much thicker. You can see it in the photo below.

If you ever do this, remember to punch or cut it properly before you shrink it down. Tip: If you find that its not flat, put in in between a thick book and press down. Use baking paper to protect your book – the colours may transfer.

I initially planned to use them as key a chains but then decided to use them as unique luggage tags. I put a ribbon through the hole of my “tags” and use them to mark my luggage. It’s quite sturdy and survived being checked in.

I have plans in future to make name tags for my dogs. And also personalized key chains – need to get the chains and rings first.

oh those magnets

Last week was Hary Raya holiday. I was suppose to go for a personal retreat in Johor, but due to certain unforeseen reason I was not able to go. It was a good holiday at home, albeit having a lot on my mind and also having to do some office work during the holidays.

This project is has been long pending. I have always wanted to put up a magnetic board with the world map to display my magnet collection. Dad mounted this heavy thing on the wall for me.


The process? …. Many months ago (I cannot even remember how long ago it was), I bought 3 magnetic board from Ikea. Dad brought them to the welder and got them to weld the boards together.

I bought the World Map stickers from IPC way back in 2012 December (yeap, the receipt was still in the box). The stickers were meant for walls, but hey it works fine on my magnet board too.



My plan was to have each magnet from the country of origin correspond to the map did not work; because I have too many from the same country or area nearby and the map is to tiny. Initially I thought of just choosing 1 magnet from each country and put them up, and put the others up on rotation. However, then that beats the point of having my collection displayed, and besides I am not that “hardworking” to manage that. Hence, I tried my best to pin all my magnets up on the board, as close to the map as possible.


Refurbishing my ikea lamps

I’m an Ikea Hacker wannabe 😉

I bought a pair if these lamps from Ikea about 5 years ago I think, when I first planned to move into our new home.

They were cream in colour, and really nice. Fits the ambiance I planned for my hall. Well, it still does, except that now the creamy porcelain base has gray marks from all the dusts, and some chipped surface from scrubbing the dust off the base. The lamp shade has yellow ageing spots. Ugh!!!

Here’s a before photo:
ikea lamp before

See all the yellow age spots on the lamp shade?

What I did:
1) Bought a can of spray paint in baby blue. I wanted teal, but the shop only had this one blue colour 0_o… and I kinda liked this blue, so I bought it.

2) Unscrew the bulbs, separate the shade from the base… basically unscrew whatever that can be removed or separated.

3) I use masking tape and lots of recycled paper to cover the wire and the metal & plastic parts (those that is there to hold the bulbs and the shades. The idea is to cover parts where you don’t want paint on.
Because the base of the lamp has holes in them, I taped paper inside the base so that the paint won’t go in (it is hollow there and you can get to it from the bottom). There’s a place for a bulb there too!

4) Then, this is the fun part. Spray two coats of paint on the base. I left it overnight to make sure it is truly dry (i’m just like that).

5) Then, for the shade… fun and sticky. This is where I took out my Fabric Mod Podge and some leftover Ikea fabric. I simply measure around the shade, cut out 2 pieces of fabric (because they are leftovers, I don’t have just one piece that fits around). Brush mod podge on the shade and glue the fabric on. I made sure that the fabric on the outside is slightly wider (about 1.5cm both sides) than the shade, so that I can turn it over and glue them to the insides of the shades

That’s really about it.

ikea lamp after

Oh ya, don’t forget to remove all unwanted masking tape, paper and reassemble back all the part you took apart earlier.

A super new chic cute wowzer looking lamp!

I’ve completed one, now I’m going to go ahead and start of the other lamp.

first aid kit

I was inspired by this tutorial from A Spoonful Of Sugar… with improvised variations. Nevertheless I love her cute and very useful pouch idea; and I’ve been wanting to make a first aid kit for my home but haven’t really got to it until now.

I wanted something quick to sew (itchy fingers!), just something crafty to accomplish in a short time. Took me less than 15 minutes to cut and sew.

emergency aid kit1

I use felt. Cut out 2 pieces of white felt 4″x4″, and 4 pieces of red felt 1″x4″. And using a red thread I handsew the red felt onto the white one, to form a red cross. Then mod podge it to both sides of this vinyl pouch I have (free from the pharmacy when I purchase my monthly supplements).

Lo and behold! A first aid kit pouch. Easy peasy.

emergency aid kit2

Then I started filling it up with things I believe is essential in a first aid kit. I did not buy any of the items, we already have them at home except that it is all over the house. So this moderately small pouch is just the right thing to keep all these essentials in one place!

I have bandages, cotton, cotton buds, scissor, plaster, alcohol wipes, iodin wipes, disposable gloves, CPR mask, energy drink, nail clipper, twizzer, hypodermic needles, tissue paper, disposable face mask, gauze, safety pin, and spontan.
Hmmm… what else do I need?

So if you’re looking for an easy project, this is a good start 🙂

simple way to pad up your ironing board

This is just a fast project. I’m not even sure I should call this a “project”.

Anyway, I bought this ironing board from Ikea a year ago. It is convenient, small (but big enough for me), and easily stored away when I don’t need it.
The problem was that it was very very thinly padded !!!

What do you all think of Ikea products? To me, beautiful designs, good to save spaces, and frankly unique, and it has it’s “class” of it’s own.

Here’s the big BUT.
BUT it is expensive (at least to me it is).
BUT its quality (wear and tear) is not that good for the price we pay. Most of the cupboards are made of chipboard :P, poor lamination, or pine wood that breaks easily. Well, I can go on and on, but I won’t.

Back to my ironing board.

That’s the board I’m talking about, standing behind my Bible.
bible cover

Here’s how it looks after being strip off. The metal thing, ok, sturdy enough.

The polyester batting that I iron on. NOT ok. Very thin and of poor quality. I can feel the metal when ironing. I dislike that.
diy : ironing board

Made of polyester!?? Well, forgive my ignorance, but can polyester stand heat? I really don’t know if this is THE ideal  material to use on ironing board.. hmmm.. ??
diy : ironing board

Anyway, I wanted it more padded. So, out came the sponges (not ideal material for ironing board too I suppose, sponges melt when under direct heat from iron!). I figured, the 100% cotton fabric will protect from direct heat, and as long as I don’t leave the hot iron on the surface to too long… it’s gonna be OK!

Just cut cut cut into the same size as the original polyester.

I cut 2 pieces of the sponge. I want them really padded.

Put them all together (no glue, no strings..) on top of each other, and then cover back with the original fabric. One day, I will change the fabric to something cuter ;)). But this satisfy me for the time being.

Pliers revamp!

S0…. yesterday I managed to clean part of my room. I did my soft toy section.

Yeap, I have lots and lots of soft toys, of which in the past I arrange them on my bed (i’m a big baby!)… but because it collects dust, so 2 years ago I packed them up and kept them in a safe safe place… I still cannot find the heart to give them away. I don’t think I ever will.

Yesterday, I took them all out, gave them a nice good wipe/dusting, repack and put them in a new bag and then stuff them above my closet! One down. More cleaning to go!

Meanwhile, I manage to find some time to re-decorate my pliers. They were looking old and boring, so I took some ribbons and gave them a new look!
Their handles were getting sticky because the yellow rubber was getting old. These are the pliers I use to make my jewelries.

Pliers revamp! before

Pliers revamp! after


Updates & DIY revamp billy’s door

Yo! How is our Sunday far?

For my friends in the other continent (America), a continent which I have never treaded foot on… you must still be in bed. Whereby here in Kuala Lumpur, it’s 2pm 4th March 2012, at it’s almost the end of my afternoon.

Today, I made some changes to Whimsy Loft’s facebook page. Well, I created a new one, and thank you to those who have “Liked” the old page, can you please go and “like” the new page ? It’s at the right hand top of your screen. Thank you very much <3 <3 *BIG hugsssss*****


My sister is busy spring cleaning her room, it’s the 3rd day she is at it now, so you can only imagine how much “rubbish” she has… or perhaps how slow a worker she is .. hehe.. So I was influenced by her to do some DIY change at my home.

I targetted our Ikea Billy book shelves in the dining room.

Many years ago, I bought this shelves with the idea to put family photos on the doors. However, I never got to it, and it has remained white and dull… so to spark our dining area, I decided to cut up some of my very precious fabric and use it to decorate the doors.

Here’s how I did it… step by step (well, almost!):

Remove the laminated board that was behind the glass door. See, you can see the mess in the cupboard after I remove the laminated board for one door.
billy door revamp1

Measure and cut the size of the cloth, leave just enough at the sides (about 1.5 inch) to fold in.
billy door revamp2

I choosed my nice nesting doll fabric. Unfortunately, only had 1 metre of this fabric, so I use 2 different pattern fabric. You will see later.
billy door revamp3

I use double sided tape to hold the cloth.
billy door revamp4

In order to ensure the folded part of the fabric don’t fray (and that I don’t have to fold twice or sew the seams), I use my fabric mod podge to “kill” the frays. I like it, because it’s not visible, nor is it a permanent glue, but it holds well.
billy door revamp5

So, after all complete, assemble the now very cute fabric covered laminated board back onto the glass doors…

and ta da!!!

billy door revamp6

p/s: same steps for the green apple tree fabric, no need to sew them to the nesting doll fabric, just paste with double sided tape. Also make sure you iron the fabric so that the creases are not visible.

Can you spot the cream coloured dog sleeping beside the cute billy?

Happy Sunday!