emeralds and siams

I simply love customers which allow me the flexibility to mix and match crystals. 7 Sorrow Rosary, using emerald AB with clear crystals slot in between. The Our Father bead is crysolite. I enjoyed making this. This one is a red red rosary. Siam red. Lovely colour. Matched with a


Hoookayyy… these days, my passion for jewelry making/beading has been renewed. Thanks to my God Sis… she’s learning how to make Rosaries and braceletes and earrings… so she’s looped me into this with her enthusiasm. This is part of somethingsĀ I achieved over the week. (i’ll post the others in flick

Rosary Kits

Sunday was spent counting beads and putting together 60 packets of Rosary kits. Yes… May is the month of Rosary, and I am hosting a Rosary-making class in church. These beads are so pretty and not too costly. They are plastic pearls… basically plastic beads made to look like pearls.