emeralds and siams

I simply love customers which allow me the flexibility to mix and match crystals.

7 Sorrow Rosary, using emerald AB with clear crystals slot in between. The Our Father bead is crysolite.

I enjoyed making this.

7 sorrows rosary in emerald

This one is a red red rosary. Siam red. Lovely colour. Matched with a ruby red Our Father bead, which I wrap with silver wire. Isn’t it lovely?
siam red rosary
The tiny beads are rose in colour. Really light, almost crystal clear.

braceletes and la.mi.na.tor

I got myself into a laminator frenzy.

The sale was too good to resist. Half price!!! So I bought this baby!

Laminate.laminate.laminate. Best nyerrrrr……… ^^
That’s what I’ve been doing. Whatever I can get my hands on, I laminated. It was fun!

I wanted to show you something I whipped up.
In light sapphire and amethyst. They are Rosary Braceletes. Gifts to two of my customer who always order Rosaries from me. 🙂

This one is made of 8mm donut chinese crystals light sapphire.The smaller crystals are 4mm, in clear and vintage rose.
rosary bracelete sapphire

This one is made of 6mm donut chinese crystals in amethyst. The smaller crystals are 4mm, in vintage rose. And the larger bead is 8mm round chinese crystal in rose.
rosary bracelete amethyst

So today, I’m slightly free from day work duties. That’s because it is a bank holiday in Holland, where most of my stakeholders are located. Woot! or not? Well, not really. I have a lot of administrative work to do 🙁 Boo hoo… but it’s less stressful, and I’m freer to let my mind roam… into more crafty stuff 😉

Have a nice day y’all!!

All ready to go

My 7 Sorrows Rosary, all packed up and ready to deliver.

7 sorrow Rosaries all packed up

And I made one for myself, similiar to below, but not the one below (I don’t have a photo for mine).
7 Sorrow Rosary

I spend today making some sketches for some pouches and totes I plan to sew. Well, nothing fancy, just boxes with measurements so I know how to cut those fabric. I have yet to plan which fabric to use. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

Have a nice day !

7 sorrows rosary

Many many weeks back, one of my church friend introduced me to Aunty Mary.

Aunty Mary was looking for someone to make her Rosaries.

So I thought, yes! good, I can help.

I met up with Aunty Mary. She is such a nice lady.

She told me she wanted the 7 Sorrows Rosary. In my heart I said “what?? I don’t know what is 7 Sorrow Rosary”.
7 Sorrows Rosary (#1)
She expected that reaction ^^, so she showed me a sample, and even shared the prayer with me.

I learned something new that day.

I took up the challenge, and made 10 pieces of the 7 Sorrow Rosaries for her.

This is just 1 example. The colour Amethyst was her choice. Nice colour too.

7 Sorrows Rosary (#1)

Have a merry week ahead. My next post will be about my Pandan Layered Cake.


Hoookayyy… these days, my passion for jewelry making/beading has been renewed. Thanks to my God Sis… she’s learning how to make Rosaries and braceletes and earrings… so she’s looped me into this with her enthusiasm.

This is part of somethings I achieved over the week. (i’ll post the others in flick later this week)

A gift for God Ma for Mother’s Day::
Earring for God Ma for Mother's day

Another similar earring::

Another earring

Meanwhile remember this post… well all 3 bags have arrived at their destinations, and I can now reveal what is inside.

The largest pack was for niece Lucy… which includes this little turtle… stuffed with polyfill and rice and have my initials on her!
Gifts for Lucy

In the bag there is also 2 dresses (one made by me), some cute spoons, and a hanky and sling bag made by me. I hope you like them Lucy !
Gifts for Lucy

The other 2 bags are for my 2 blog friends who won the OWOH giveaway I joined back in February.

I’m looking forward to the weekends (as usual :P). Are you?

Rosary Kits

Sunday was spent counting beads and putting together 60 packets of Rosary kits. Yes… May is the month of Rosary, and I am hosting a Rosary-making class in church.

These beads are so pretty and not too costly. They are plastic pearls… basically plastic beads made to look like pearls. They come in strings and strings of white beads which has been “dipped” into the colour of choice.


I choosed mauve and peach… and to make up the rest of the Rosary strings… I choosed tiny shell/cream coloured beads.

They’re so pretty… that Scout cannot help but “spy” while I was counting and packing…

Here they are all packed up…

I wish I can pack them up in nice fabric bags… but our budget doesn’t allow it… well nevermind… !
Rosaries beads all packed up

Each kits has 59 rosary beads (coloured beads) and about 150 tiny beads, approximately 2.5 metres of monofilament thread and of course the center piece & cross. (these kits here don’t have the center pieces and crosses yet… still waiting for supplier to deliver).
Rosaries beads all packed up

For those of you in Malaysia, anywhere around Petaling Jaya, feel free to come for our free Rosary making class (you just need to buy the kits!) on 22nd and 29th May in SFX Church.

Introducing …

my newest addition to the sewing basket…

rotary cutters

1 for my cuz Annette, 1 for me…

It’s amazing how a little something like a spanking brand new rotary cutter can make my day.

Here’s a peek on what I’ve been making the last weeks…
2 cell phone pouches… fits Nokia E71 perfectly.
Felt handphone pouches

A Rosary for my Godma… a custom gift requested by my God Sis for her Mom for Mother’s Day this May.
Rosary & felt pouch