oh those magnets

Last week was Hary Raya holiday. I was suppose to go for a personal retreat in Johor, but due to certain unforeseen reason I was not able to go. It was a good holiday at home, albeit having a lot on my mind and also having to do some office work during the holidays.

This project is has been long pending. I have always wanted to put up a magnetic board with the world map to display my magnet collection. Dad mounted this heavy thing on the wall for me.


The process? …. Many months ago (I cannot even remember how long ago it was), I bought 3 magnetic board from Ikea. Dad brought them to the welder and got them to weld the boards together.

I bought the World Map stickers from IPC way back in 2012 December (yeap, the receipt was still in the box). The stickers were meant for walls, but hey it works fine on my magnet board too.



My plan was to have each magnet from the country of origin correspond to the map did not work; because I have too many from the same country or area nearby and the map is to tiny. Initially I thought of just choosing 1 magnet from each country and put them up, and put the others up on rotation. However, then that beats the point of having my collection displayed, and besides I am not that “hardworking” to manage that. Hence, I tried my best to pin all my magnets up on the board, as close to the map as possible.


Refurbishing my ikea lamps

I’m an Ikea Hacker wannabe 😉

I bought a pair if these lamps from Ikea about 5 years ago I think, when I first planned to move into our new home.

They were cream in colour, and really nice. Fits the ambiance I planned for my hall. Well, it still does, except that now the creamy porcelain base has gray marks from all the dusts, and some chipped surface from scrubbing the dust off the base. The lamp shade has yellow ageing spots. Ugh!!!

Here’s a before photo:
ikea lamp before

See all the yellow age spots on the lamp shade?

What I did:
1) Bought a can of spray paint in baby blue. I wanted teal, but the shop only had this one blue colour 0_o… and I kinda liked this blue, so I bought it.

2) Unscrew the bulbs, separate the shade from the base… basically unscrew whatever that can be removed or separated.

3) I use masking tape and lots of recycled paper to cover the wire and the metal & plastic parts (those that is there to hold the bulbs and the shades. The idea is to cover parts where you don’t want paint on.
Because the base of the lamp has holes in them, I taped paper inside the base so that the paint won’t go in (it is hollow there and you can get to it from the bottom). There’s a place for a bulb there too!

4) Then, this is the fun part. Spray two coats of paint on the base. I left it overnight to make sure it is truly dry (i’m just like that).

5) Then, for the shade… fun and sticky. This is where I took out my Fabric Mod Podge and some leftover Ikea fabric. I simply measure around the shade, cut out 2 pieces of fabric (because they are leftovers, I don’t have just one piece that fits around). Brush mod podge on the shade and glue the fabric on. I made sure that the fabric on the outside is slightly wider (about 1.5cm both sides) than the shade, so that I can turn it over and glue them to the insides of the shades

That’s really about it.

ikea lamp after

Oh ya, don’t forget to remove all unwanted masking tape, paper and reassemble back all the part you took apart earlier.

A super new chic cute wowzer looking lamp!

I’ve completed one, now I’m going to go ahead and start of the other lamp.

Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS

Hello my friends, how are you?

This is what I did last night.
A simple and easy way to make cute hairclips!

Fast, cute and simple seems to be my motto these days. 24 hours a day is not enough. But somehow in between the busy schedule, I HAVE TO slip in a few minutes to satisfy my crafty cravings, otherwise life would never seem complete 🙂

This little project worked. It completed my weekend with a big smile.

1) You will need 3 things. Strong permanent glue, cabochons/flat back buttons (cute, pretty ones), hairclip base.
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (1)

2) This step is easy peasy. Just glue glue glue away!!!!
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (2)

3) Leave it for a couple of hours to dry.
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (3)

4) DONE!!!! Yay!!!! Cute little hairclips… for your kids, as gifts or even for yourself!
Tutorial :: Easy way to make cute HAIR CLIPS (4)

Happy Monday! May the blues stay away 🙂

New Etsy Shop: OurLadyOfGrace

I opened a new Etsy shop today. It is named Our Lady Of Grace .

This shop is mainly to sell all my “handmade Catholic/christian religious products” such as Rosary beads, photos, etc.

I’ve listed 3 items today. They are my handmade wooden photos of Mother Mary in different representations.
Our Lady of China, Tong Lu church

Our Lady of Vladimir or Virgin of Vladimir

frame back

Click on the photos to go to my Flickr where I have some explaination about the photos. Thank you for reading 🙂

More coasters

So I just cannot have enough of the leafy felty non-slipy coasters!


Actually I just wanted to show you these 1st batch on non-slip leaf coasters.

They kinda became my favourite because of the printed felt, plus the non-slip is attached on with mod podge !
Yeap. Took 6 hours to dry plus lots of sticky fingers after that.

Leaf felt COASTERS non slip

I love them.

Get them here.

Magnets from Bali

My Parents went to Bali for the weekend to attend my Uncle’s wedding. As always, I will request for fridge magnets as souvenirs. If nothing else, just bring me magnets! I collect them. Like crazy!!!

Here’s what they bought me. I was expecting just 1 or 2, but 16 !!!! Wow weee… my Dad went overboard 😛
magnets from Bali

Mom kept asking me if they are nice. She said Dad choosed them. She kind of think he could have chosen better hahaha… but I like them. I think, while most of them are unique, some do look kind of scary!

I must say, these are unique to the Balinese culture. I don’t know much about them, I need to research about it (soon).

Mom bought me a bag. Fabric patchworked bag, made from Sarong. I will take a photo of it soon, and post it up. It is beautiful! I got blouses and skirts and belts too… but those are not that “important” to show off here… hehehe…

New found love

Last month, sitting in my cosy little hotel room in The Haag, I suddenly decided to love decoupage.

So, through ebay, I bought my first bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor. The idea was that a week or so later, when I’m home, the bottle of mod podge would have reached my doorstep and I can start my projects!

But no… it didn’t arrive. I waited and waited, got all my other supplies ready and it still didn’t arrive. In my haste to get my project started, I went to the local craft store in 1 Utama, and bought myself a Mod Podge Fabric. Guess what it was $5 cheaper than ordering online :P.

I got myself a Mod Podge Fabric, and I started using this on wood… hehe… turned out okay, I wouldn’t know the differences between the different types of mod podge anyways, as long as it serves it’s purpose of decoupaging and not destroying my work. Good enough for me.

Then yesterday, the postman brough me this….

He came in a large van, holding out a cardboard box size of a shoe box…

… and lo and behold it was my mod podge!

Nice way of packaing a 8oz. bottle in a large shoe box. I like the air baloons!

I was all for accepting the fact that my mod podge got lost in post 😛

One of my “bestest” photo taken in sunny Kinderdijk, Holland. Love love love the bicycle rides, windy day, nice scenery, sweet apple pie there… 

Now I’m off to completing my decoupage project. More photos soon.

After 1 week…

This is my creative space for the week.

Matryoshka doll applique

I made some applique using one of my favourite!!!! fabric… the matryoshka doll cotton. The backing, I use patterned felt.

They are on sale here & here.

Today I want to thank you all for those who have sent me email asking how I am and why no post. “I am fine thank you!” and I am guilty of not updating my blog as often as I hoped to. Every morning I wake up telling myself I have to blog today… but the days’ chores kept me from focusing on completing this task. I will buck up… promise!

Here’s a sneak peak on a custom order I have completed ~~~>>> flex frame pouch. More flex frame to come!

Flex frame pouch_red mushrooms

And I want to show you that I have finally put on the straps for my dachshund (this time i spelt it right!) pouches … i use just simple cotton strings.

Dachshund Pounches with STRAPS

Have a great day & do visit kootoyoo for more creative spaces.