More coasters

So I just cannot have enough of the leafy felty non-slipy coasters!


Actually I just wanted to show you these 1st batch on non-slip leaf coasters.

They kinda became my favourite because of the printed felt, plus the non-slip is attached on with mod podge !
Yeap. Took 6 hours to dry plus lots of sticky fingers after that.

Leaf felt COASTERS non slip

I love them.

Get them here.

After 1 week…

This is my creative space for the week.

Matryoshka doll applique

I made some applique using one of my favourite!!!! fabric… the matryoshka doll cotton. The backing, I use patterned felt.

They are on sale here & here.

Today I want to thank you all for those who have sent me email asking how I am and why no post. “I am fine thank you!” and I am guilty of not updating my blog as often as I hoped to. Every morning I wake up telling myself I have to blog today… but the days’ chores kept me from focusing on completing this task. I will buck up… promise!

Here’s a sneak peak on a custom order I have completed ~~~>>> flex frame pouch. More flex frame to come!

Flex frame pouch_red mushrooms

And I want to show you that I have finally put on the straps for my dachshund (this time i spelt it right!) pouches … i use just simple cotton strings.

Dachshund Pounches with STRAPS

Have a great day & do visit kootoyoo for more creative spaces.

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse

Hello Friends, I’ve had a great week in Singapore, meeting up with colleugues and clients from all over the world. I’ve missed us all in our bloggy crafty world :-).

Well, I’m back and ready to start crafting again!

I’ve been asked by someone to give a simple tutorial on how I made this rosary purse.Β  I hope my explaination below is clear. Please ask me if you have any questions πŸ™‚

I use to sew by hand when using felt, but now with my spanking new sewing machine, I can now sew on felt! Yay! So this tutorial, I machine {blanked stitch} the purse… but of course you can sew by hand if you wish.

1. Cut 2 rectangle pieces of felt. In photo, the blue is for the inside/lining, and flower is for the outside. They measure 14″ x 5″ each.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 1

2. Put the 2 pieces on top of each other, and blanket stitch on one of the 5″ end.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 2

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 3

3. Fold the felt into 2 lengthwise (like the photo), and cut a small curve on the other 5″ end (the one that is now sewed).
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 4

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 5

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 6

4. Then, fold the felt like the photo (to resemble the purse) and marked the place where you want to put the buttons. I use pop buttons this time. But you can use velcro or even buttons with button holes.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 7

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 8

5. Now, after you have made the markings, open the felt and sew the buttons on. Make sure that you sew the button on only one layer of the felt. This is so that your sewing will not show through the lining of the purse.
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 9

Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 10

6. Ones done, fold the felt again to resemble the purse. This is where u trim off any access felt. Usually the lining/inside felt will show out (like the photo).
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 11

7. Then, blanked stitch all around the 3 sides to make the purse!
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 12

Here’s how it looks when done and all buttoned up πŸ™‚
Tutorial : Simple Felt Purse 13

Hope you understand my simple tutorial. Cheers!

Introducing …

my newest addition to the sewing basket…

rotary cutters

1 for my cuz Annette, 1 for me…

It’s amazing how a little something like a spanking brand new rotary cutter can make my day.

Here’s a peek on what I’ve been making the last weeks…
2 cell phone pouches… fits Nokia E71 perfectly.
Felt handphone pouches

A Rosary for my Godma… a custom gift requested by my God Sis for her Mom for Mother’s Day this May.
Rosary & felt pouch

Tutorial for Sock Softie.. yes?

My OWOH Giveaway is still ongoing. Closing date is Feb 15th.
It’s happening HERE.
CLICK HERE to JOIN. PLEASEeeeeeeee join! πŸ™‚


A while ago, I made some felt softie.

Today, I’m going to share it with you…
Felt Softie

They come in pairs, so it’s great as a Valentine gift.

Coincidently this year, Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day. Yippie! We get “extra” celebration… I haven’t even done my Chinese New Year shopping. Lots of drinks and beer and titbits toΒ buy. Didn’t even order any new year cookies (looks like I have to either make my own, or buy factory processed…). Lots of “sengkuang” to buy to make the traditional Hokkien “Jiu Hu Char”… and I haven’t even started shopping! OMGoodness!!!

Rambo Giraffe looks very rainbow-ish … I just love his colour. Notice he has no eyes… πŸ˜› That’s because I ran out of glue… Otherwise he would have 2 large oggling eyes… now he is as blind as a bat, but not for long ;-). Maybe I should just embroidery his eyes, it’s safer for kids that way.
"Rambo" Giraffe Sock Softie

Another of my sock-cutting endeavour brought this little monster to life.

Wait for my tutorial ok :-).

I’m happy to share my way of making sock softie…Β  I just cannot decide which one to write a tutorial for ??? πŸ™‚

P/S: Thank you everyone who has drop by my blog. And I especially appreciate your comments.

Thanks to you who joined my OWOH giveaway. I’m trying to visit all your OWOH too… 800++ and counting… I really am trying to catch up reading blogs, I want to visit all … yayaya…

Hello 2010 !!!

First of all, I want to wish you all…


It’s been a busy new year for me, albeit things are moving quite slow. So busy + slow, mean I have pockets of time to catch up on my breathing… hahaha…

Anyway, for this New Year, I have made some new products for the shop.

Big Love Elephants

Felt embellishment SET or some people call them applique SET.

They are all up on my Etsy, I list a few at a time only…

They are good for all your scrap booking projects, card projects, decorative projects… etc. They can be sewed on or glued on. Work great both ways! πŸ™‚

Chirpy Love Birds

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner.
Christmas Ornaments - Snowflakes

I’ve been busy making some Christmas-sy stuff… and this is just one of them. I want to give them away as free gifts and also keep a few for my Christmas tree. I have a very small tree at home, so she don’t need much ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments - Snowflakes

Β I handcarved the Snowflake and chopped it on white cotton using Fabric Ink.Β  These days I’m starting to enjoy rubber carving ;-).

Needlebook, A Visitor & Some Leather

It was a wonderful morning. I listed one new product in Etsy, and updated my shop in ArtFire.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything about my ArtFire shop… mainly because I hardly list items there. But I do sometimes ;-). The products are the same as in my Etsy.

We had a visitor today. He came 3 times today to visit my dogs. How I know it’s a “he” is because he did his “manly leg-up” thing on my car tyres! πŸ˜›


This is my new needlebook.

I call it the House With No Roof Needlebook!

House Needlebook

House Needlebook

Oh, I also like to share with you this…
My Father gave me these 2 days ago. They have been sitting in our store room for ages… Dad wants me to make him a PDA cover (and i did!) with these. I will post photos of the handsewn PDA cover soon.

Have a great day… I am looking forward to my dinner date this evening. We are having Korean πŸ™‚

Felt Case

Felt Case – for your everyday needs.

Can be used as a pencil case, make-up case, even for coins, or just to organised your drawers/bags.

felt case

I love sewing with felt because they don’t fray. And they make everything look cute and lovely (does this 2 attributes go together? :-P).

felt case

But I realised that sewing with felt… it is better to sew by hand. Maybe because I am just not to good in adjusting the sewing machine tension (or just plain lazy to do so :-O) hahaha… anyway, I enjoy sewing by hand. It allows my mind to wonder and think of happy things.